Aerial view of a typical suburb in Australia
Aerial view of a typical suburb in Australia


Making capital available to finance growth opportunities

We provide bespoke financing to individuals and businesses to help them advance projects and build a better future.

$A108.1 billion

Australian home loan portfolio1

$A123.1 billion

of total funds on our platform2

No. 1

Futures Broker on the ASX3

Our areas of focus

With an award-winning digital banking offering and leading range of lending and deposit products, we’re committed to delivering an exceptional retail banking experience.

From helping families to buy their own homes, to funding the growth of Australian business, we’re proud to support our clients in achieving their goals. 

We have pioneered innovative asset finance solutions in industries where we have deep global expertise. These include specialised equipment financing for clients in aviation, technology, healthcare, manufacturing, energy and mining.

We also provide a range of financing solutions across the supply chain, including scalable trade-linked payables financing for buyers and receivables financing solutions for vendors. 

We invest capital alongside clients to provide transaction certainty and help realise their projects. Our solutions are customised, globally available and backed by the strength of Macquarie’s balance sheet and track record of successful execution.

The team has completed many hundreds of deals over the last decade, primary transactions and secondary market investments across the capital structure. Sectors of particular focus are real estate, infrastructure, green energy development and construction and disruptive technologies. 

We provide funding at different levels of the capital structure to help clients grow their business.

We’ve been providing debt and equity capital for the upstream oil & gas industry for over a decade, in both the advanced exploration and early development phases of a project.

Our strong resources heritage has seen us provide more than 25 years of financing to mining companies involved in the exploration or production of precious and base metals and bulk commodities.

We also provide working capital solutions to help clients finance the purchase and sale of raw, semi-refined or semi-processed commodities.

In-house geologists, petroleum and mining engineers provide technical expertise to assess transactions and tailor funding solutions.

We’re a recognised leader in global securitisation and asset backed markets, using our specialist expertise in structuring, securitisation and trading to provide clients with access to the capital markets and financing for portfolios of financial assets.

We finance a broad range of assets, including but not limited to residential and commercial mortgages, autos, consumer credit, green energy, corporate debt and commercial receivables, via securitisation, warehousing, seasoning and term financing facilities.

We work with our clients to structure bespoke solutions where we finance, trade, or invest in credit assets.

We specialise in consumer, residential and small business credit, corporate credit and commercial mortgages.

Our impact

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  1. As at 31 March 2023.
  2. Funds relate to Banking and Financial Services as at 31 March 2023.
  3. ASX Futures 24 (SFE) Monthly Report March 2023.