Macquarie Group Collection

Year in review

9th annual Emerging Artist Prize

A record number of submissions

Over 250 attendees at the virtual event

8 Emerging Artist Prize winners

Jacqui Vanzella
Macquarie Group Collection

Helen Burton
Macquarie Group Collection

Image source: Myles Young, Shortcut to Widefield, 2020 Macquarie Group Collection © the artist

The last year has continued to present both opportunities and challenges for the Macquarie Group Collection (the Collection) and the art world more broadly.

At the commencement of isolation in Australia, the Macquarie Group Collection Committee agreed to continue making acquisitions where possible, in support of emerging artists. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our gallery space in Sydney remains closed. However, once restrictions ease, we are eager to host more collaborative art events with non-profits and continue to provide more significant opportunities for Macquarie staff to engage with the Collection, as it’s a much-loved element of working at Macquarie.

Annual Macquarie Group Emerging Artist Prize

For the first time the Collection’s 2020 Macquarie Group Emerging Artist Prize and Exhibition was held virtually. In order to support more emerging artists during these challenging times, eight artists were selected as winners. This year saw a record number of submissions, attendance at the launch event and social media activity. 

The exceptional quality of the winners’ works reflects the significant depth of talent to be found among Australia’s next generation of promising visual artists. 

Indigenous Art Code
Our Art Is Our Lifeline

The Collection also supported the Indigenous Art Code’s ‘Our Art Is Our Lifeline’ national media campaign, which aimed to support the Indigenous art industry through the global crisis and promote fair and ethical trading.