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Max Palmer is helping to drive sustainability within Macquarie’s Corporate Operations Group

Max Palmer, a Market Data analyst within Macquarie’s Corporate Operations Group, studied politics, philosophy and economics at the University of Warwick where he pursued an interest in the financial markets and began following what’s going on in the world around him.


“I’ve always been a passionate person who reads the newspaper every day and watches the news on TV,” says Max. “I think that's the driving force behind my interest in markets and current affairs.”

Wanting a career that that would require many hats and different ways of thinking led him to Macquarie.

“I think learning the ability to switch between philosophy, politics and economics quite early on in my university studies is something I’ve been able to continue through my career.”

Max interviewed at three separate firms before deciding on Macquarie. “The difference for me was night and day,” says Max. “I remember leaving one company feeling quite dejected.  It wasn’t the kind of place I wanted to be or the person I want to be.”

The feeling Max had leaving Macquarie was completely different. “I remember calling my mum and saying ‘It was fantastic. They seemed to show genuine interest in who I am and the kind of person I am, as well as the work I could produce.’”


A global upbringing, a global career

As part of the Macquarie Graduate Programme, Max joined the Business Services Division within the Corporate Operations Group.

This division offers support to the different businesses within Macquarie, including procuring goods or services such as consultancy services or auditors as required.

One of my favorite things about working in the Corporate Operations Group is that I get to support and work across Macquarie businesses. I was surprised to learn how varied these businesses are and how they are constantly evolving. It makes my work that much more interesting."

For the past six months, Max has been working in the Market Data team. This team manages the supplier relationships Macquarie has in relation to a variety of financial market data providers. These suppliers provide the Group with the information needed for each business to make informed market decisions and include companies such as Bloomberg, Standard & Poors, Refinitiv, Moody’s and many more.

The Market Data team consists of business analysts across the Americas, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Manila and Sydney. “It's a strong global unit working across borders,” says Max. “I speak as frequently with colleagues in New York, Houston and Sydney as I do with my colleagues here in London.”

Interacting with different cultures is an aspect of Max’s role which he really enjoys and is familiar with having spent his teenage years living in Colombia. He describes the time spent in Colombian culture as one of the “most amazing incredible experiences I ever could have hoped for.”

“Living in a country that's completely foreign taught me to adapt to other cultures and appreciate the different ways people think and function,” says Max. This broadened perspective is something he finds useful with his global team which operates in 32 markets across the world.

Max has recently been accountable for identifying ways his team can change the contract management process to bring even greater efficiency.


Leading by example

This natural initiative and leadership are reasons Max was selected to serve as one of four graduates to co-chair the Macquarie Graduate Volunteer Network.  He describes this experience as “incredibly rewarding.”

Each year the Graduate Volunteer Network selects a charity that would benefit from their coordinated efforts. With the support of The Macquarie Group Foundation, the graduates take on a number of projects and fundraising campaigns.

“The charity we supported was the ‘Islington Centre for Refugees and Migrants’ and they are doing incredible work in raising awareness and assisting those displaced from their countries of origin due to persecution, war, or poverty. Providing support to bolster their virtual fundraising efforts, particularly during COVID-19, is something that I think the Graduate Volunteer Network can all be very proud of.”

Max says his advice to the next graduate class would be “to take advantage of the empowerment and responsibility Macquarie gives to you. Take ownership of the work you want to do and the career you want to have.” 

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