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Jordon Morrissey: Making a move from mortgages to data at Macquarie

In 2017, Jordon Morrissey joined Macquarie’s Banking and Financial Services group as a Credit Analyst - an operational role that saw him assess complex mortgage applications. In 2021, he then made a career move, drawing on his maths background to become a Data Analyst within the Digital Transformation and Data team in the Corporate Operations Group.


Jordon Morrissey says his ambition to work for Macquarie was ignited when he was a student at the Australian National University, completing a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics.

“I got involved in student-run investment organisations and saw that finance was a natural way to use my maths studies,” he explains.

“I admired the fact that Macquarie was a standout, local brand that was successful on the global stage.”

In 2016, Jordan moved to Sydney and began working in retail banking as a Credit Analyst underwriting mortgages at a Big Four bank. It was in this role that he briefly shadowed a data team and got a taste for data analytics.


Making a move to Macquarie

With just six months experience in mortgages, Jordon applied for a Credit Analyst role at Macquarie.

“The role required a significant amount of experience, which I didn’t have at the time,” Jordon explains, “but a short time later Macquarie reached out to me for another opportunity and, in 2017, I jumped at the chance to join the Banking and Financial Services group as a Credit Analyst.”

While Jordon was keen to fulfill a dream of working for a brand he admired, it was Macquarie’s career mobility that really appealed to him.

“Macquarie’s internal mobility was called out by the recruiter during my interview, and I could see that I would be able to carve out my own career,” Jordon says. “I knew right from the start that it would be possible to transition to different roles and that, over time, I may be able to make a lateral transfer into a data role.”

Jordon spent over four years as a Credit Analyst, as his responsibilities and expertise grew.

“Credit Analysts perform a vital operations role for  Macquarie’s mortgages business,” Jordon says. “They assess mortgage applications, calculate and verify income, credit history and expenses and ensure the mortgage application adheres to our policy.”

Thanks to the growth of the mortgage business, Jordon rapidly became a subject matter expert, trusted with complex lending situations.


Planning, mentoring and gaining skills

Despite his success, Jordon didn’t want to progress into management, business development or mortgage sales, and set his heart on a lateral move into data. After discussions with his manager this became part of his career development plan.

I sought out opportunities to connect with the data teams and worked on developing my data and coding skills."

“I also reached out to a technology Divisional Director who became my mentor.”

Jordon also applied for several data roles within Macquarie but found he lacked practical experience.

“I learnt to code while studying maths at university, but I didn't know the languages well enough in a commercial capacity,” Jordon says.

On the back of one of these applications, in mid-2021, Jordon was offered a three-month secondment with the Personal Banking Analytics team that would give him the valuable experience he needed.

“Thanks to the pandemic, the secondment was performed remotely but it gave me the opportunity to work with Personal Banking Analytics helping create a dashboard for the mortgages team,” Jordon says. “I was already familiar with the platform so I could focus solely on gaining data skills, which was invaluable."

“I also learned about the structure of a data project and managing stakeholders,” Jordon says. “The work was interesting and the team was great."


A lateral career move

At the end of 2021 and after his secondment, Jordon stepped out of Banking and Financial Services and accepted a role as a Data Analyst in the Digital Transformation and Data team, which sits within Macquarie’s Corporate Operations Group.

“The role involves data work, building data sets, creating visuals and completing data analysis,” Jordon explains. “But there’s no business-as-usual component to my role with the team, I work as a consultant on digitalisation projects.”

“I had skills like analysis and communication and base knowledge of what drives Macquarie, from my previous role,” Jordon explains. “And I’ve been supported to learn on the job, from my colleagues and through formal courses.”

In his first six months as a Data Analyst, Jordon has worked on the dashboard component of a broader digitalisation project for corporate real estate division.

“My aim is to make data available, useful and engaging,” Jordon explains.

Human centred design is at the core of what we do, and it’s about asking the right questions. We also need to keep everyone on board for the whole project, so it’s important to nurture cooperative ongoing relationships."

Embracing the future with data

Jordon says that while there are small differences between teams; Macquarie has a positive, safe, kind and inclusive culture.

“Working in Digital Transformation and Data has been a fantastic experience. The team is full of interesting, smart people who are always ready to offer guidance and support.”

“While I was successful at mortgage underwriting and enjoyed great responsibility as a Credit Analyst, my passion really lies in this new role,” Jordon explains.

“Data is very powerful in financial services and can be leveraged to create value."

“Through my experiences I’ve learned it's important to seek out feedback, and to build and maintain networks within Macquarie,” he concludes. “As a result of this, I’ve had the opportunity to explore new things and make a move into data."

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