Fixed income

Our fixed income business specialises in Australian fixed income, US high-yield and distressed credit and Asian and emerging markets

Australian specialist

Macquarie is active in all types of debt, but we are particularly well known for our securitisation activities. Every deal we arrange and place is supported by strong market analysis and secondary market pricing.

We can arrange, place, structure and provide secondary market pricing and in-depth market analysis for debt securities relevant to the Australian and New Zealand capital markets. Additionally, we have expanding capabilities in offshore markets that complement our Australian activities.

Macquarie also works with clients to help them structure and manage their current, future and potential interest rate exposures. Our range of products and services suit both asset and liability managers from standard or vanilla securities, to tailor-made offerings to suit more complex exposure management issues, generally at a total portfolio, or whole of project, level of risk.

US expertise

In the US, Macquarie’s credit business is focused on three core areas of expertise:

  • US High Yield and Distressed Credit
  • The Commercial Real Estate and CMBS markets
  • Specialty Lending and Credit Solutions.

Products include non-investment grade leveraged loans and bonds, distressed debt, and trade claims.

Our industry specialisations include healthcare, consumer/retail, energy/utilities, gaming/leisure, commodities/metals, infrastructure/transport, real estate and telecommunications.

Asian and emerging markets

We are specialists in Asian and emerging markets.

In Asian markets, we provide expert Asian-based origination through a skilled team in Singapore, Hong Kong and South Korea with a deep understanding of the region and specialist local market knowledge.

We also provide emerging market institutional investors with access to repo financing facilities.