Macquarie Green Investment Group Green Energy Conference 2021

Raise the ambition

The Macquarie Green Investment Group Green Energy Conference (GEC) is an annual event bringing together global climate leaders from across government, industry and finance to discuss the green transition.

2021 is set to be a pivotal year for the global transition to net zero. The ratcheting of climate targets and adoption of net zero commitments ahead of COP26 has been described as the 'Paris Effect', but what will it all mean in practice, and will there be a 'Glasgow Effect'?

Scheduled for the month before COP26, #GEC21 will feature leading voices from industry, finance and policy exploring these questions and more. This will include how to turn climate ambition into climate action; the role of technology and carbon markets in achieving net zero; and how to accelerate climate finance in emerging markets.

Key takeaways

The Macquarie GIG Green Energy Conference (GEC) 2021 convened a line-up of leading voices across industry, finance, and policy to discuss how to raise and deliver climate ambition. Progress is being made but not quickly enough. GEC 2021 served to discuss what key actions, policies and breakthroughs are needed to put us in line with goals of the Paris Agreement.

Some of our recent activity

Decarbonising the UK’s energy networks

Since leading a consortium of investors to acquire Cadent, the UK’s largest gas distribution network in 2017, Macquarie Asset Management has partnered with Cadent and its workforce in their journey to help deliver the UK’s net zero ambition. Hear from Macquarie Asset Management’s Liam Auer on how Cadent, supported by Macquarie Asset Management and its co-investors, is exploring the potential to increase the role for greener low-carbon gases including biomethane and hydrogen in the UK’s energy mix through innovative trials.

Green Jobs Project with Generation UK and Ireland

Green Jobs is a first-of-its-kind program for unemployed young people in the UK, equipping them with the skills to excel in the green sector of the future. Delivered jointly by Macquarie, the Green Investment Group and non-profit Generation UK and Ireland, the program aims to address youth unemployment and build the skills required for the UK to reach its ambitious net zero targets.

Clean Cook Stoves Project with C-Quest Capital

Macquarie and C-Quest Capital have partnered in an investment program that aims to deliver over 3 million cook stoves in Sub-Saharan Africa. Hear from Tom Colebatch, Commodities and Global Markets’ Associate Director, about how these stoves are delivering verified emissions reductions as well as meaningful social and health improvements to these communities - while at the same time generating high-quality carbon offsets that can be used to support our clients' decarbonisation strategies.  

Practical support for sustainable lifestyles

Macquarie’s retail bank is focused on practical ways we can support our clients across Australia to take more sustainable steps in their home, with their car and through their personal investments.  

Green Investment Group Blueleaf Energy enters the Indian renewable market

In November 2020, GIG portfolio company Blueleaf Energy acquired a majority stake in Vibrant Energy and entered the Indian renewable market – the fourth largest renewable market in the world. Hear from Abhishek Sharma, Senior Vice President at GIG, about how GIG through Blueleaf Energy is supporting India to reach its ambitious plan of 450 GW of installed renewable capacity by 2030.

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