Funding the growth of distributed energy infrastructure

Creating sustainable solutions for our clients

We understand the move to establish reliable sources of decentralised energy in commercial and industrial sectors has never been more critical.

We support global clients in their transition to a decentralised and decarbonised energy future by first understanding their commercial circumstances and ensuring the right mix of distributed energy assets are being considered to meet their needs.

Throughout our team’s 15+ year history, we have provided clients with tailored funding solutions enabling them to transition to a decentralised energy model without the upfront cost often associated with commercial infrastructure projects.

Our focus

Taking a data-led approach to distributed energy generation

The increasing instances of extreme weather, the growth renewables and other forms of intermittent power supply require additional reliability assets for grid operators and grid independence assets for commercial and industrial power consumers.

Providing a tailored financing solution to deploy these technologies is critical. Through our industry expertise, we are able to ensure the solution will be fit for purposes and structured to maximize the benefit for customers.

We work with or invest alongside technology providers, developers, operators and owners of:

Natural gas generation


Commercial Solar

Biomass and biogas

Other distributed generation technologies

Our solutions

Financing the full spectrum of distributed energy resources

Our deep expertise in funding distributed energy resources allows us to work with industrial and commercial clients to Structure a financing package to deploy energy efficiency assets in a cost-effective manner. 

We support clients with the financing of the listed resources. 

Battery energy storage

Alternative energy storage

Smart meters - Learn more

Building sensors

LED lighting

Cooling and heating systems

Power Factor Correction

Electric Vehicle infrastructure

We offer flexible capital that can invest across the asset life cycle and capital structure through:

  • Power Purchase Agreements
  • Energy Services Agreements
  • Purchase of Receivables and Equipment
  • Hire Purchase
  • Operating Leases
  • Asset financing
  • Portfolio acquisitions
  • Targeted equity investments that accelerate the deployment of distributed energy assets

Power Purchase Agreements

How it works and the key benefits

We support a range of clients around the world being impacted by increasing electricity costs and the urgent need to reduce harmful emissions.  

By tailoring funding options, including Power Purchase Agreements (PPA), we enable clients to establish affordable fee-for-service models, bespoke to their energy generation and consumption.

We design and install a behind the meter system at your premises to best suit your needs and objectives. We own and operate the system.

During the day, the system generates 100% renewable energy to help power your operations with any surplus electricity exported to the grid.

You will pay a low fixed rate for electricity generated by the system over a multi-year service contract. During times when you are not generating power, you will continue to purchase electricity from your electricity retailer.

Our solutions are designed to incorporate new technologies such as battery storage when they become economically viable.

At the end of the term you can choose to purchase the system at a pre-agreed price, ask for it to be removed, or upgrade to the latest technology.

We will take care of maintenance, operation and performance of the solar system. You are not required to supply personnel or equipment or meet the cost of operating the system.

Case study: Shopping centres reimagined

Supporting an Australian listed client, Macquarie designed a Power Purchase Agreement to install and manage solar systems on a number of retail shopping centres across Australia.

The solar systems have achieved our client’s objectives of increasing electricity supply from renewable resources, achieving emission reduction targets and significantly reducing overall electricity costs.

An example of the benefits from one shopping centre can be seem below:

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  Pre-PPA With PPA
Solar system size 0 544 kW
Annual electricity bill $A422,000 $A303,000
Annual savings N/A $A11,900
Annual CO2 emissions avoided 0 535 t CO2
Equivalent to number of cars taken off the roads* 0 195

*Based on average emissions of a new light vehicle sold in Australia in 2018

Our broader energy experience

At Macquarie, we take a holistic view of the transition to a greener economy. Our Macquarie Energy, Renewables and Sustainability team leverages both regional energy expertise and the global experience from across North America, Asia and Australia.