Access global physical and financial commodity markets

Our presence across the entire spectrum of the commodities markets enables us to deliver comprehensive financing and risk management solutions for our clients

Global specialist in commodity markets

Derivatives House of the Year

2018 Energy Risk Awards.

Long-term market commitment

Commodities have been a core business for Macquarie since its inception in 1969.

Full spectrum commodities offering

Including sales and trading; physical; financing and equity investment; research and strategy; investment products.

Industry and market insights

Deep, technical understanding of market fundamentals, including in-house geologists, meteorologists and petroleum engineers.


25+ years actively trading in global agriculture markets

Macquarie’s holistic agricultural commodities offering includes financing, liquidity risk management, structured finance and physical solutions for producers, consumers, trade houses and investors.

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We are one of the longest standing providers of financial price risk management strategies to the agricultural industry and operate one of the largest sales and trading platforms of any financial institution, with global reach across five continents.

Macquarie combines deep industry knowledge, service, structuring capabilities and long-term commitment to the agricultural markets globally – including making investments across a range of different organisations such as grain and sugar trading companies Lansing, Quadra and Czarnikow. 

This expertise extends across the entire process of agricultural production and consumption – from soil to the consumer – providing our clients with access to a unique understanding of the market. 

Macquarie’s agricultural commodities capabilities include sugar, grains and oilseeds, meat and livestock, coffee and cocoa, cotton, ethanol, freight, fertilisers, dairy, and packaging exposures like paper/ pulp and resins. 

We also provide institutional investors with access to commodity-based index products.


A significant market participant


25+ years


Global reach

Australia, Brazil, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States

Access to niche markets

such as fertilizer and freight


#2 physical gas marketer in North America1

With more than 15 years’ intensive involvement in the global energy sector, Macquarie has long-standing financial services expertise with a dedicated focus on this complex industry.

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Utilising our trading presence in oil and oil products, natural gas, power, carbon emissions and coal products, Macquarie combines activities in the physical and financial markets to create highly effective and bespoke risk management solutions for clients across the energy asset class.

We focus on tailored solutions and offer services to clients in all areas of the energy value chain:

  • exploration and development
  • production and generation
  • storage and transportation
  • marketing and retail
  • consumption.

Our clients include producers, refiners, airlines, utilities and shipping companies, to which we provide:

  • access to markets
  • structured finance
  • risk management solutions
  • credit intermediation
  • equity participation in energy projects.

We also provide clients with direct market access to the physical markets in European Gas and Power.


A significant market participant


15+ years


Global reach

330+ people in 10 offices

12.7 bcf/day

of physical natural gas sold in North America1


House of the Year2


A principal provider of liquidity globally

With more than 30 years’ experience in the metals markets, Macquarie provides financing, hedging and 24-hour price making to producers, consumers and investors.

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We have been operating continuously in metals markets since the early 1980s, giving Macquarie one of the longest track records globally in this market for a financial institution.

We provide 24-hour trading and price-making for base and precious metals and are a principal provider of liquidity globally.

With capabilities across the metals value chain, our clients benefit from access to:

  • fast and professional price making in all market conditions
  • physical metal sales and purchases in London Metal Exchange (LME) and non-LME warehouses
  • transportation of metal between producers, warehouses and consumers
  • financing of metals at port and in transit
  • financing warehoused metal in cash and carry trades, third party stock and repo finance
  • market-leading research
  • an Associate Broker Clearing member of the London Metal Exchange and full member of the London Bullion Market Association.


A significant market participant


30+ years


Pricing when you need it

24-hours a day

7.5 million tonnes

of physical metals products traded per annum

Why Macquarie

Strong commitment to commodity markets

Macquarie is a commodities specialist – commodities have been a core business since our inception in 1969

Long-term ratings stability

Find out more about Macquarie Bank’s credit ratings. Learn more

Full spectrum commodities offering

Finance, risk solutions and market access, including physical commodity capabilities

Commodities financing

Explore how we provide funding at different levels of the capital structure, tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

1. Platts 3Q CY18. 2. 2018 Energy Risk Awards.