Supporting a more circular economy in Northern California’s waste market

Scaling GreenWaste’s operations to recover, repurpose and reuse more of Northern California’s existing materials.

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Sub-sector Waste
Location United States


Organic waste in landfills is one of the biggest sources of methane emissions in the United States.1

In California, it is estimated that organic waste – such as food scraps, yard trimmings, paper and cardboard – makes up half of what is sent to landfill in the state.2 Recognising the scale of the issue, California recently passed Bill 1383 to reduce methane emissions by diverting food waste and other organic materials from landfills.  

GreenWaste, a California-based resource recovery and recycling company, has been playing its part in diverting organic waste away from landfill and processing it into reusable products and fuel sources. Acquired by Macquarie Asset Management (MAM) in 2021, the company specialises in the collection, transfer and processing of municipal solid waste, organic materials and construction and demolition waste. Supported by MAM’s investment, the company has since been working to scale its waste diversion operations, helped by California’s progressive regulatory environment. 


GreenWaste is supporting a more circular economy by recovering, repurposing and reusing existing materials, as well as recycling organic waste into alternative feedstocks and fuel sources.

The company diverts organic waste from landfill via composting, using the waste collected to produce nutrient-rich, organic-certified compost and mulch that replaces the use of chemical fertilisers and other synthetic, non-renewable resources used in some agricultural practices. By making and reselling organic compost and mulch, GreenWaste is not only supporting healthier plants and increased crop yields but is also helping to conserve natural resources normally used in the production of these materials.3

GreenWaste also uses organic waste to produce renewable energy. Through the process of anaerobic digestion, the company generates biogas, a renewable energy source that is used to create electricity. This electricity is first used to power GreenWaste’s Renewable Energy Digestion Facility, with excess supplied back to the grid.3

These activities complement the work the company is also doing at its materials recovery facilities to separate recyclable materials from the municipal solid waste and construction and demolition waste streams. These recovered materials are then sold as commodities or used in other ways. 


In 2022 alone, GreenWaste diverted a total of more than one million tonnes of material from landfill. This included more than 500,000 tonnes of yard trimmings, food scraps and other organic material.3

Ultimately, GreenWaste is contributing to the continuous circulation of resources and materials throughout their life cycle helping to avoid the emissions associated with landfill disposal.

MAM’s investment has also supported the company to expand its operations. In 2023, GreenWaste acquired a construction and demolition debris transfer facility in Hayward, California. This was the company’s first acquisition since MAM’s investment. More than 80 per cent of all materials collected at this facility are expected to be recycled and reused via GreenWaste’s materials recovery facilities.4

By expanding waste diversion practices and the reach of the circular economy in Northern California, GreenWaste is helping to deliver sustainable waste management solutions that benefit the environment and the people of California.


GreenWaste customers served in Northern California3

1+ million

tonnes of waste diverted from landfills in 20223


tonnes of organic materials processed in 20223

2.1 million

kWh or excess renewable energy sold to the grid in 20223

For decades, GreenWaste has been dedicated to developing technologies that recycle waste into valuable renewable products. Macquarie Asset Management is proud to be able to support the company now as they continue to work on innovative solutions that contribute to a more sustainable future.”

Karl Kuchel
Head of Infrastructure, Americas
Macquarie Asset Management

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