Macquarie US Equity Research

Macquarie US Equity Research is at the forefront of five global sectors, bringing deep expertise and timely insights to uncover the issues and trends driving companies, industries and markets today.

With coverage across gaming and leisure, lifestyle, payments and digital commerce, media tech and software, our team provides a differentiated perspective and a diversified knowledge base that encourages critical thinking and generates breakthrough ideas.

Progressive, independent research to generate breakthrough ideas

Macquarie US Equity Research at the 2022 Montgomery Summit

Digital transformation

MontyTV interviews Fred Havemeyer, Equities Senior Research Analyst, Macquarie Capital, US

5G with Garrett Hinds, US Software and Technology Services Analyst, Macquarie Capital

Codeless architecture with Gary Hoberman, Unqork

Unify information with Manish Sood, CTO & Founder, Reltio

Ideas know no boundaries

Investment success depends upon having a breadth of perspectives, differentiated insights and thoughtful processes. 

And Macquarie delivers.