Environmental, Social and Governance

People and Workplace

We recognise that our most important assets are our people. The experience, skills and views of our people facilitate the delivery of a wide variety of services to our clients across the globe.

Our focus is on attracting, engaging, developing and retaining talented individuals, providing opportunities for career-long learning and development and providing safe workplaces within an inclusive culture that values diversity, equity and inclusion.

Macquarie strives to create an environment where continuous learning is part of an employee’s career development and recognises the benefits to the individual and the wider organisation of such investment. We invest in employee development by providing learning opportunities that meet the needs of our diverse talent base and build the skills and behaviours required for long-term organisational success. In addition to Macquarie-delivered programs, many staff benefit from sponsored education and can pursue career development opportunities at independent institutions such as business schools and through professional bodies. 

We invest significant time and effort in the employee onboarding and orientation process, with a series of learning and development activities (including events hosted by the CEO) designed to communicate and embed the Macquarie culture at the earliest possible stage. This includes an emphasis on communicating our Code of Conduct and What We Stand For principles and reinforcing the ongoing importance of effective risk management and behaviours across all Macquarie businesses and regions. 

Alongside the structured learning and development curriculum, we recognise and encourage the developmental benefits of wider community engagement by staff. Involvement of staff in this through the Macquarie Group Foundation and other channels is widely communicated and encouraged. 

Regular performance and development conversations, including goal setting and ongoing career development, are a key part of performance measurement. As well as encouraging regular and ongoing feedback with managers, we require all staff to have at least one formal year in review discussion with their manager. During these conversations, staff are encouraged to raise, discuss and respond to matters relating to training, further education and development of leadership capabilities. A company-wide performance management system is used to document all performance and development related discussions. Customised online and classroom training is also available to all managers and staff to ensure they get the support needed to complete these activities effectively.

We support our people to realise their full potential, we encourage innovation and we reward achievement within a framework of personal responsibility. We strive for equity and create a more level playing field by offering additional support to people from under represented groups in the form of employee networks groups, mentorship and sponsorship programs. Our ongoing commitment to our people ensures we remain innovative, sustainable and continue to meet the evolving needs of our clients. Through the Macquarie Group Foundation we actively support our staff in pursuing their own community interests and encourage involvement at a grass-roots level.

Underpinning our strong safety culture is a robust health and safety framework that integrates and aligns our policy, practices and safe systems of work to the multifaceted dimensions of staff safety and wellbeing. Our global Crisis Management Teams closely monitor the external environment allowing key health and safety risks and hazards to be assessed, evaluated and mitigated in line with our legal and regulatory obligations. We continuously analyse and respond to changes in government regulations to inform our decision making and clear communication from our senior leadership teams ensures our work, health and safety expectations are disseminated to our staff and business partners in a timely manner.

All staff are encouraged to speak up on the potential and actual workplace health and safety risks including matters relating to inappropriate workplace behaviour such as sexual harassment, discrimination, bullying or victimisation. Staff are provided with opportunities to engage in health and safety forums and consultation committees to address local and regional work, health and safety matters and assist in shaping our focus for future wellbeing initiatives and strategies for injury and illness prevention and management.

Macquarie’s holistic wellbeing program, Macquarie Plus, provides a comprehensive range of wellbeing benefits and initiatives to equip our people with the tools and resources to invest in their wellbeing. With a strong focus on encouraging our people to balance all aspects of their lives, Macquarie Plus comprises of three key pillars:

Enhancing the overall physical and psychological health of our people by implementing specialised programs targeting physical movement, nutrition, fitness training and preventative health strategies.

Foster our peoples’ professional connections, expand their networks, encourage collaboration with colleagues, and engage in communities that share like-minded interests to create a sense of belonging and inclusivity through participation in Employee Network Groups, fundraising activities, and engagement in sustainability programs.

Providing our people with access to a range of benefits and initiatives designed to support their physical, psychological, and financial wellbeing through educational seminars, health management and screening programs, and access to psychological support services.

To find out more about what we have done over the last year, refer to the Macquarie Group ESG Report.