Learning and development

Your First 100 days at Macquarie

Your first 100 days at Macquarie is when you’ll have the opportunity to get to know your role, your team and your organisation that much better. On your first day you will come together with other new joiners for ‘Welcome to Macquarie’ and find out everything you need to get started.

Throughout your first 100 days at Macquarie you’ll be invited to complete a number of orientation initiatives designed to help you get your bearings around your office and learn about how to make your mark at Macquarie.

The initiatives will be a mixture of online learning and face-to-face events. You’ll attend ‘Discover Macquarie’ in your first month, where you’ll have a chance to start building relationships with other new colleagues,  develop your understanding of Macquarie's structure and operating groups, and start thinking about opportunities for collaboration across Macquarie.

Within your first 180 days, you’ll attend ‘Success at Macquarie’.  Here you’ll get a deeper understanding of the culture that makes Macquarie unique, have the opportunity to hear insights from, and network directly with, business leaders and explore how to make the most of your career at Macquarie.

Development at all stages of your career

There are a range of learning and development opportunities available to you at Macquarie. You can choose to attend a variety of skill development programs, take part in focused 1:1 coaching, be a part of our global support network for people managers, and attend team-based activities, all designed by our learning and development teams  to help you to continue to grow your knowledge and skills.  

At Macquarie, you’ll be encouraged to own your career. This means that it’s up to you to choose which direction you want to take – whether that’s taking on a new project; progressing within your division; exploring an opportunity in a different team; or relocating globally – and our learning and development programs are tailored to help you get there.

Associate Director Program

As an Associate Director your scope and impact across individuals and teams broadens. The Associate Director Program is designed to support you through building the breadth and depth of your capabilities and focuses on collaboration, building influence, driving team performance, developing talent and inspiring people in and outside of the organisation.

The eight-month program enables you to build the core skills that enhance leadership and business performance, and is based on how proven leaders with strong capabilities think and act. The emphasis is on teaching you to think effectively: not giving you a set of generic answers, but the questions to ask in key situations to achieve the best outcomes.

Division Director Program

At the next level, you not only take accountability for a team and division, but are an organisational leader. Our Division Director Program is designed to support you to direct complex businesses and systems, integrate and align diverse functions, inspire people in and outside of the organisation, facilitate collaboration across stakeholders, and create an effective organisational culture.

The program teaches our Directors to create the conditions for success by leading people in an inspiring and engaging way, shifting your mindset to business leadership: sensing and seizing new business opportunities; and achieving better business results through collaboration and building a long-term business.

Executive Director Leadership Program

Our Executive Directors guide and drive Macquarie forward. Macquarie’s Executive Director Leadership Program is a designed to enable your continued success as a leader at Macquarie.

The nine-month program will help you to increase your understanding of the impact you have on others, equip you to deal with the increasing pace and complexity of change and help you to develop leaders of the future.

Focusing on two key capabilities – leading at Macquarie and identifying and realising opportunities for growth – the program will help you to be a successful leader and to inspire and develop others, as well as teaching you how to cultivate and support a culture of innovation in a rapidly changing world.

The program also enables you to form new relationships and strengthen existing ones across the global Executive Director population.