Digital currency mining pioneers


30 June 2021

Digital currency mining has gone from a niche within a niche to an industry that is tracking almost $US20 billion in 2021, according to industry sources. In this discussion, Dr Adam Back, Co-Founder and CEO of Blockstream, Tyler Page, CEO of Cipher Mining and Jesse Knutson, VP of Financial Products at Blockstream, explore how global hashrate distribution away from China could play out over the next few years, how concerns about energy usage are being addressed, and the impact the global semiconductor shortage is having on miners.


Dr Adam Back, Co-Founder and CEO, Blockstream

Tyler Page, CEO, Cipher Mining

Jesse Knutson, VP of Financial Products, Blockstream

2022 Macquarie Technology Summit

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The Macquarie Technology Summit once again brought together global leaders driving technological change across multiple aspects of business and community.