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Kapil Jain: Future driven technology and data analytics in Macquarie’s Gurugram office

When it comes to technology, Kapil Jain says Macquarie is future driven. He joined Macquarie in 2014 and is currently Manager for Gurugram’s Data Analytics team. The team supports Macquarie’s businesses globally offering data solutions through Alteryx and Power BI. 


Kapil Jain says the seven years he has worked in Macquarie’s Gurugram office has felt more like seven months.

“I’ve enjoyed a tremendous career journey at Macquarie,” Kapil explains. “I started as an Application Packaging Engineer and Executive in 2014, before being promoted to Assistant Manager for Data Analytics in 2018. In 2022, I was appointed Manager, leading the Data Analytics team.”

“I’ve had the opportunity to experience dynamic roles and work in different teams within Technology.”

Kapil has also witnessed the evolution of tech at Macquarie to a point where it now plays an integral role across the organisation’s global businesses.

“Locally, Macquarie is renowned for our work culture, world class office, and cutting-edge technology.”


Choosing growth and innovation

Before joining Macquarie, Kapil studied a Masters in Computer Applications and spent five years working in technology roles for a range of Mumbai-based global service companies. 

“I could see that Macquarie was keen to grow in India,” Kapil says.

Tech was a big part of Macquarie’s future goals so it was investing heavily, and I realised I could further develop my skills working here."

“I joined the Application Packaging team, which is an infrastructure team, working as a developer on emerging technologies,” Kapil says. “Working with new systems, I benefited from end-to-end experience.”

Kapil’s role involved coding, onboarding new applications and customising them for Macquarie. He says a career highlight was a large-scale Windows 10 migration project, which provided him with exposure across the business.


Internal mobility leading to new pathways

By 2018, Kapil was looking for a new challenge, and his managers offered him an alternative role on an automation team.

“I went from working on tech products and applications to having a new focus: partnering with business users, looking at what they are doing, and identifying pain points. I could then implement new automation tools to make the user’s day-to-day experience easier.”

Kapil was given the chance to work on introducing data science and analytics software, Alteryx and Power BI. 

“We started onboarding business users and finding ways to implement efficient solutions.”

This involved driving initiatives, organising training sessions, and working globally to roll out our applications to all of Macquarie’s businesses.

“We started with the Financial Management Group but in the last three years we’ve also rolled out to the Risk Management Group, Macquarie Asset Management, Macquarie Capital, and Banking and Financial Services,” he explains.

“We now have around 6,000 people utilising the software globally.”


Empathy is the key to success

Kapil describes Macquarie’s culture as ‘empathetic’. He says he needed to extend this approach to his own work, so that he could understand the client’s pain points and develop a human-centred solution.

“Empathy is the key for technology,” Kapil says. “You need to put yourself in the user’s shoes. If you understand their pain points, you will create a better solution.”

“I am living Macquarie’s culture, through my work,” Kapil says.

As a Manager, he leads the Data Analytics and Reporting team from India. His six colleagues support all of Macquarie’s business units globally and are located in Gurugram and Sydney. Their work is often time- and business-critical.

“We are working with data and, crucially for financial services, it needs to be accurate, timely and complete,” Kapil says.

“Each business has unique data, and reporting requirements, so we often need to develop customised solutions .”

“Our job is to convert raw data into meaningful data for end users, so we create reports using SQL and Alteryx, and visualise them using Power BI,” Kapil says. “We are providing a tool or platform, and solutioning, so they have flexibility to use the data in various ways.”

In addition to supporting the application infrastructure, Kapil’s team undertakes deployment and quality checks, manages compliance, and acts as an intermediary between users, developers and vendors.

“Data is the new frontier - it motivates me,” he says.


Accountability and opportunity

Kapil has enjoyed giving back as part of the Macquarie Group Foundation by actively fundraising and volunteering for charitable causes. He says the Foundation’s work is more proof of Macquarie’s empathetic culture and cites this, alongside supportive management and the challenges of new opportunities in his role, as factors that enhance his career journey at Macquarie.

“Accountability and opportunity are embedded within Macquarie,” he says. “Anyone can speak up about improvements and find solutions.”

There’s an open-door culture - your ideas are always considered. Senior management are professionally and personally supportive."

Kapil spent a month working from home to allow him to support his wife before the birth of their second child in 2022.

“We enjoy flexibility and a good work-life balance, and it all stems from responsibility,” he says.

He also highlights the quick shift to working from home during the pandemic as an example of Macquarie’s forward-thinking investment in new technology.

“Our investment in tech meant we were all able to work remotely from day one, and Macquarie was able to support employees in quickly adjusting to the new circumstances when India announced a nationwide lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in March 2020.”


Creating visibility through data solutions

Kapil’s work with the data analytics team is integral to Macquarie’s investment in becoming a data-driven organisation, and provides him with immense visibility, both locally and globally.

We work as a global team,” he says. “I have also received internal awards for leading the migration of Alteryx workflows within the Fusion General Ledger Project.”

His team has invested in automation, to enable scalable support to many people across the organisation.

“As a Manager I’m looking at how we deliver value and better support our customers through sustainable solutions.”

“I like that Macquarie is future driven when it comes to technology,” Kapil says. “We stay one step ahead so the latest tech in the market is already being realised, or it’s in the pipeline.”

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