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Julia Rosen: The power of investing in others

Growing up in a family of finance professionals who invested in her financial literacy, Julia Rosen always knew she wanted to pursue a career in Finance. Now, as she progresses her own career she is investing in the development of others.


For Julia Rosen, finance is in the family. At the dinner table, discussions included the latest news from the investment management business her parents run. So, when the time came for Julia to plan out her future after high school, it was a natural choice to pursue finance as her major.

“My parents have their own financial planning agency. They taught my sister and me at a very young age how to manage our money and explained how investing works. I remember going into the office to see them in action. They emphasized the importance of building financial freedom for yourself and others.”

It wasn’t until taking a course at her university on professional selling that Julia began to see a more holistic picture of the importance of finance in everyday life. “I began to understand the application of finance beyond the technical aspects. I wanted to learn how financial products apply to someone’s real life, their real business. Sales brought in everything that I was learning in finance and made it real for me.”


A path to Macquarie

Julia first learned of Macquarie through her university’s career services website, where she discovered an application for the Macquarie Summer Internship Program. Julia was accepted into the program and joined Macquarie’s global asset manager, Macquarie Asset Management (MAM).

The collaborative culture of Macquarie is what really stood out to Julia during the interview process. “Everyone was very welcoming and willing to answer my questions. It was clear to me that this would be a phenomenal learning opportunity where I would be given real responsibility.”


Mentors investing in her success

The Macquarie Asset Management business offers a rotational program to graduates joining its Philadelphia-headquartered Public Investment business. The Public Investments business provides clients investment solutions across a variety of equity, fixed income, multi-asset and specialty asset classes.

The business empowers institutional clients such as pensions, governments, insurers and financial advisors to innovate and invest for a better future. This might include providing investment strategies for a public pension fund or advising individuals on how they might save for retirement.

Of the program Julia says, “I knew it was something I wanted to take part in. I wanted to be able to experience various aspects of the business early in my career.” Julia saw this as a way to enhance her learning and gain a better understanding of the industry.

Julia credits her team for her initial success at Macquarie.

I saw my team as my mentors. They took the time to help me navigate through the program and discover what I was looking for in my career long term."

"I was astounded at the opportunities available to me, such as presenting during client meetings and working directly with and for the Macquarie portfolio managers.” 


An unexpected opportunity

In 2021, Macquarie Group completed an acquisition of Waddell & Reed Financial, Inc. one of the oldest asset and wealth management companies in the United States. The combined mutual fund families, Ivy Funds and Delaware Funds by Macquarie, have a shared focus on delivering strong investment results and an excellent client experience for all.

The acquisition team within the Strategic Relationship Group was looking for someone to support their work with the integration of the new firm, and Julia raised her hand for the opportunity. She soon joined the team, which is responsible for building and enhancing partner relationships, and effectively communicating the organization’s capabilities and strategies to MAM’s key distribution partners.

“It was a great step to see the full picture of what MAM does and continue to build my knowledge,” says Julia. She further confesses, “I ask a lot of questions as I want to understand as much of the business as I can, and everyone was willing to take the time to answer them?” This has been invaluable to my learning. I get to see the methodology, process and strategy behind how the team plans to roll out an expanded product catalog to clients.”   

Julia finds Macquarie’s culture to be exceptionally supportive. “Everyone is very intelligent and works hard to achieve their goals, which is extremely motivating,” Julia says. “It is a very collaborative environment where everyone’s opinions are heard, which I have greatly appreciated as a new team member.”


Investing in others

One of the ways Julia has found fulfillment at Macquarie is through the mentorship of others. In university, Julia was very involved in philanthropy. It was something she hoped to continue with an employer after college and found this in Macquarie.

I value how Macquarie makes the effort to provide their employees a multitude of opportunities to get involved with various philanthropic organizations."

Julia is now a College & Career Success Coach with Breakthrough New York, a strategic grant partner of The Macquarie Group Foundation, which aims to provide career readiness to youth. Through virtual coffee chats, Julia has regular discussions with her mentee assigned through the program. 

“It’s a joy to help her navigate her career path. I’m so happy to be involved with the project and pass on the investment others have made in me.”

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