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Gabrielle Betancourt: Real responsibility and a network of support in Fixed Income

Attracted to the opportunity of real responsibility from the get-go, Gabrielle Betancourt joined Macquarie as an intern in 2018. Now a Senior Analyst on the Private Equity Derivatives team, she partners with colleagues across the globe to execute trades - all while honing her skills and developing her career daily. 


As an engineering major in college, Gabrielle Betancourt’s goal was to find a career that was more quantitative than qualitative. She knew she wanted a career working with numbers, but also a career that would allow her to engage with different people and learn about various perspectives.

“I’ve always been extroverted and analytical,” says Gabrielle. “I enjoy discussing the application of math in the real world with people. A career in finance seemed to be a natural fit of both attributes.”

Gabrielle began researching and exploring opportunities in finance. A career that examined the impact of each day’s current events on the economy, market and trading was appealing to her.

As she began to interview with various companies, Macquarie stood out. Gabrielle found the people at Macquarie demonstrated deep sector expertise in their product areas.

“Smaller in size than some of our peers, Macquarie excels in less commoditized areas of the market and offers bespoke products to our clients,” says Gabrielle. “Throughout the recruitment process, individuals across the Commodities and Global Markets business took the time to explain the specifics of each transaction and highlight the reasoning behind the transaction or trade.” According to Gabrielle, the advantages Macquarie offers include a deep understanding of our clients’ goals and concerns, as well as the ability to be agile and flexible when structuring new solutions.

Throughout the interview process, Gabrielle felt that the people at Macquarie wanted her to succeed in the role and would offer an environment for her to excel.

The entrepreneurial culture of Macquarie immediately attracted me. Often analysts are expected to fit into a mold and complete a basic set of tasks each day, with little autonomy. This isn’t the case at Macquarie."

"The junior level individuals I met during the recruitment process were energized because they were given real responsibility and encouraged to communicate their thoughts and views.”

Ultimately, this was the largest differentiator for Gabrielle and why she chose to begin her career with an internship at Macquarie.


Frequent communication and development

Following a successful internship, Gabrielle was invited back to join the full-time Macquarie Graduate Program in 2019. Now, Gabrielle is a Senior Analyst on the Private Equity Derivatives team within the Fixed Income and Currencies division.

The Macquarie fixed income business specializes in providing currencies and fixed income trading and hedging services to a range of private equity, corporate, and institutional clients globally.

“The focus of the Private Equity Derivatives team is to hedge the underlying currency and interest rate risk associated with investments our clients make,” says Gabrielle. “In addition to executing trades, a large part of my role is creating financial models to analyze historical and projected currency/interest rate moves to assess various hedging strategies.”

Gabrielle sits on a team of seven based out of the New York office and works closely with colleagues in London. “Given the around the clock nature of global markets, communication across time zones is essential in providing seamless coverage to our clients,” says Gabrielle.

Working with her team to keep clients continually abreast of market shifts is not the only regular communication Gabrielle has with her team. “I feel empowered by my team members to take on responsibility and own my career.” The Macquarie approach to career development is one that believes career development should happen daily, not once or twice a year.

My team consistently checks in to make sure my career is progressing in the direction I want. I really appreciate the open dialogue our team has in working through both day-to-day tasks, as well as long-term career planning."

A strong network

The Macquarie Summer Internship and Graduate Programs have been essential in helping Gabrielle expand her network within Macquarie, both with other analysts at her level, and with more senior individuals across business groups.

The benefit and value of the strong network built over the course of the internship and graduate program became apparent last year.

“I was staffed on a deal with another analyst from my graduate class. Even though we now work in completely different groups, we already had an established working relationship because of the intern and graduate program. We were able to communicate more effectively and openly with each other throughout the deal.”

In addition to the network Gabrielle has built from the internship and graduate class, she has been able to tap into others as well. She is a founding member of the Commodities and Global Markets Diversity, Equity and Inclusion committee, which brings members from across the business to look and discuss ways in which we can enhance our culture.

“I sit on a subcommittee focused on culture change. Our team is passionately working on a variety of initiatives to empower individuals at Macquarie to be even more inclusive in the way we interact with clients, society and each other."

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