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The Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management and Ballast Nedam, DEME and Macquarie Capital sign contract on A24 Blankenburgverbinding

Rotterdam, 14 December 2017

Today the Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management (Rijkswaterstaat) and BAAK Blankenburg-Verbinding, a consortium consisting of Ballast Nedam, DEME and Macquarie Capital, are signing the contract for the A24 Blankenburgverbinding, marking an important step in the project, with financial close expected to take place in 2018. The Blankenburgverbinding is a key infrastructure project, improving the roads and accessibility of the port of Rotterdam and the wider Rotterdam region – contributing to economic growth.

Minister van Nieuwenhuizen of Infrastructure and Water Management: “This is a great step towards the construction of the Blankenburgverbinding (Blankenburg connection). This totally new motorway towards the port of Rotterdam will ensure relief of congestion at this economically important region”.

On behalf of the BAAK Blankenburg-Verbinding consortium, Martijn Klinkhamer, Board member of BAAK: “We are very proud to have reached this important step in the Blankenburg project. In building a consortium of leading engineering contractors, tunnelling and infrastructure funding specialists, I have great confidence in BAAK providing a comprehensive solution to relieve Rotterdam of congestion and provide enhanced transport infrastructure. We look forward to making a significant contribution to one of the Netherlands’ most economically significant regions working closely with Rijkswaterstaat.”

The project has a total nominal value of approximately 1 billion euro and consists of the design and construction of the A24 Blankenburgverbinding, including a 20-year management and maintenance period after the new infrastructure becomes available. The equity partners in the project are Macquarie Capital for 70 per cent, and Ballast Nedam Concessies and DEME Concessions Infrastructure for 15 per cent each. The actual construction will be carried out by a consortium consisting of Ballast Nedam Infra, and the DEME companies DIMCO and Dredging International. In addition, Macquarie Capital is acting as sole financial advisor to the BAAK consortium.

The new 4 km A24 motorway including Blankenburg Tunnel will connect the A20 and the A15 motorways being part of Rotterdam’s main infrastructure, improving accessibility and reducing congestion to one of the Netherlands’ most economically significant regions. The project includes the construction of an immersed tunnel under the Rotterdam port waterway, a land tunnel, two busy junctions (of the A24 to the A20 and the A15) and the widening of the A20 between the A24 and the Kethelplein.

The project plays an important role in the execution of the 2009 Masterplan Rotterdam Vooruit which governs the development of the Rotterdam region from 2020-2040. Construction is expected to commence in August 2018 and become operational at the end of 2024.

About Ballast Nedam

Ballast Nedam is a development and construction company in which the projects form the core business. Ballast Nedam wants to be the most competitive construction company in the Netherlands. Via direct and open dialogue with its clients and partners, Ballast Nedam develops future-proof buildings and infrastructure: from dream to completion. It combines this with its smart view of cost efficiency, technology, worldwide expertise and focus on operational excellence. This way Ballast Nedam achieves ground-breaking solutions.

The projects on which Ballast Nedam focusses include the major part of our built environment and ensure diversification within the group. These are projects in which Ballast Nedam makes the difference for its client through its specialist expertise and skills. Ballast Nedam industrialises the construction process by using innovative modular concepts and standardising its approach. Ballast Nedam is part of the Renaissance Group.

About DEME

The Belgian dredging, environmental and marine engineering group DEME is an international market leader for complex marine engineering works. Building onmore than 140 years of experience and know-how, DEME has organically moved into several related sectors, such as the financing of marine engineering and environmental projects, executing complex EPC related marine engineering projects including civil engineering works, the development and construction of renewable energy projects, providing services for the oil, gas and energy sector, the decontaminating and recycling of polluted soils and silts, the harvesting of marine resources, etc.

DIMCO is a subsidiary of DEME, specialised in marine infrastructure and civil works, including the construction of bored and immersed tunnels. DIMCO was involved in works like the construction of the Coentunnel in Amsterdam, the railway tunnel in Delft and the Offshore Terminal in the port of Rotterdam.

DEME Concessions brings together all concessions of the DEME Group in the fields of infrastructure, renewables and marine resources.

DEME Group has 4,600 employees worldwide and achieved a turnover of 1.97 billion euros in 2016. More information:

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