Solar panel against blue sky
Solar panel against blue sky

Solutions for a changing energy landscape

Our expertise in meters, energy, sustainability and renewables

We understand the challenges our clients face and tailor capital solutions to provide efficient access to energy assets.

We have offices in Australia and the UK. Our Australian team focuses on asset funding solutions for commercial and consumer renewable and energy efficient assets. Our team in the UK is one of the leaders in the meter asset provision market.    

Our capabilities in Australia

Investing in renewable energy and energy efficiency can generate significant savings in energy use and costs. We help government and business to acquire the energy assets they need.

Through our understanding of the energy market, combined with the financial strength of a global financial institution, we can develop innovative and flexible structures. 

Demand side management

  • Distributed generation
  • Back-up power
  • Battery storage    

Energy efficiency

  • LED lighting
  • Smart electrical systems
  • Power factor correction    

Distributed generation

  • Small-scale wind farms
  • Small-scale conventional generation (reciprocating gas and diesel)    

Our capabilities in the United Kingdom

In the UK, we own the largest portfolio of smart meters and are the largest independent owner and manager of gas and electricity meters. Recently, we also expanded our business to look at adjacent opportunities in the energy market.

We deliver secure, reliable, responsive and flexible sources of funding and meter asset provision services. 


We fund traditional and smart electricity and gas meters for some of the UK’s largest energy companies. We have been selected to fund the installation of more than 7.7 million smart meters to support the smart meter roll-out.

Smart meter services

We supply smart meter services and associated communications infrastructure.

These facilities are helping the UK government reach its target for reducing carbon emissions. 

Meter asset provision

Our meter asset provision services include procurement, asset management and tracking, fault triage and warranty claim management.

We operate a meter processing centre to receive, sort, store and refurbish meters from energy suppliers. 



Europe, Middle East and Africa

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