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Asset ID: 210792

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Wafer Manufacturing

Equipment details:

Date of Manufacture:

Currently Configured for: 125mm

Current Equipment Status: Available

Location of Equipment: Caldwell, United States

Available date: Currently Available

DOMESTIC SALE: Only offers from US entities will be considered. Seller will not clear the equipment for export or act as Exporter of Record from the United States.


EPI300-550 25YES
EPI  >3501425YES
EPI  600-650600YES
NARSENIC 1-0-0355-365.001-.00512
NARSENIC 1-0-0350-360.001-.00519
NARSENIC 1-0-0350-360.001-.00520
N, COLOR, W/PAT1-0-0<1960
N, COLOR, W/PAT1-1-1<1240
N, EPI1-0-0330-625>.023554YES
N, EPI1-0-0390-655.008-.023350YES
N, EPI1-0-0420-545.008-.023560YES
N, EPI1-0-0360-640.008-.02372YES
N, EPI1-0-0360-640<.00847YES
N, EPI1-0-0360-640>.0236YES
N, EPIANTIMONY 1-0-0>350.008-.02305YES
N, EPIANTIMONY 1-0-0393-527.008-.023547YES
N, EPIANTIMONY 1-0-0336-412.008-.023552YES
N, EPIANTIMONY 1-0-0393-425.008-.023493YES
N, EPIANTIMONY 1-0-0413-529.008-.023605YES
N, EPIANTIMONY 1-0-0380-669.008-.023625YES
N, EPIANTIMONY 1-0-0>400.008-.023436YES
N, EPIANTIMONY 1-0-0336-409.008-.023516YES
N, EPIANTIMONY 1-0-0>350.008-.023705YES
N, EPIANTIMONY 1-0-0>425.008-.023695YES
N, EPIANTIMONY 1-0-0>393.008-.023700YES
N, EPIANTIMONY 1-0-0>430.008-.023153YES
N, EPIANTIMONY 1-0-0>330.008-.023379YES
N, EPIANTIMONY 1-0-0>390.008-.023628YES
N, EPIANTIMONY 1-0-0>425.008-.023661YES
N, EPIANTIMONY 1-0-0>340.008-.02679YES
N, EPIANTIMONY 1-0-0>425.008-.02650YES
N, EPIANTIMONY 1-0-0>425.008-.02678YES
N, EPIANTIMONY 1-0-0.008-.0225YES
N, EPIANTIMONY 1-0-0>425.008-.02665YES
N, EPIANTIMONY 1-0-0340-382.008-.02188YES
N, EPIANTIMONY 1-0-0>370.008-.02177YES
N, EPIANTIMONY 1-0-0>360.008-.02650YES
N, EPIANTIMONY 1-0-0>420.008-.02614YES
N, EPIANTIMONY 1-0-0388-409.008-.02599YES
N, EPIANTIMONY 1-0-0>400.008-.02550YES
N, EPIANTIMONY 1-0-0393-439.008-.02165YES
N, EPIANTIMONY 1-0-0>360.008-.02650YES
N, EPIANTIMONY 1-0-0392-437.008-.02413YES
N, EPIANTIMONY 1-0-0>400.008-.02910YES
N, EPI1-0-0585-6355-20550YES
N, EPI1-0-0350-5805-20390YES
N, EPI1-0-0520-7055-20488YES
N, EPI1-0-0550-700>2050YES
N, EPI1-0-0550-700>20455YES
N, EPI1-0-0350-625<.008315YES
N, EPI1-0-0>500.008-.0236YES
N, EPIANTIMONY 1-0-0>370.008-.023501YES
N, EPIANTIMONY 1-0-0320-399.008-.023677YES
N, EPIANTIMONY 1-0-0>330.008-.023265YES
N, EPIANTIMONY 1-0-0>340.008-.023770YES
N, EPIANTIMONY 1-0-0>400.008-.023249YES
N, EPI 1-0-0>5005-2012YES
N, EPI  ANTIMONY 1-0-0410-429.008-.02437YES
N, EPI  ANTIMONY 1-0-0423-435.008-.02439YES
N, EPI  ANTIMONY 1-0-0365-442.008-.02113YES
N, EPI  ANTIMONY 1-0-0380-425.008-.02668YES
N, EPI  ANTIMONY 1-0-0430-445.008-.02458YES
N, EPI  ANTIMONY 1-0-0426-435.008-.02647YES
N, EPI  ANTIMONY 1-0-0416-427.008-.02730YES
N, EPI  ANTIMONY 1-0-0>380.008-.02663YES
N, EPI  ANTIMONY 1-0-0330-429.008-.02282YES
N, EPI  ANTIMONY 1-0-0403-429.008-.02387YES
N, EPI  ANTIMONY 1-0-0>350.008-.02650YES
N, EPI  ANTIMONY 1-0-0>425.008-.023306YES
N, EPI  ANTIMONY 1-0-0355-420.008-.023563YES
N, EPI  ANTIMONY 1-0-0>425.008-.02379YES
N, EPI  ANTIMONY 1-0-0>350.008-.023486YES
N, EPI  ANTIMONY 1-0-0>350.008-.023538YES
N, EPI  ARSENIC 1-0-0378-463.001-.005550YES
N, EPI  ARSENIC 1-0-0>340.001-.005600YES
N, EPI  ARSENIC 1-0-0>330.001-.005400YES
N, EPI  ARSENIC 1-0-0>330.001-.005250YES
N, EPI  ARSENIC 1-0-0>430.001-.005236YES
N, EPI  410-45025YES
N, EPI, POLISHEDARSENIC 1-0-0330-350.001-.005137YES
N, NONPOLISHEDARSENIC 1-0-0420-462.001-.00526
N, P  7-231920
N, P, EPI>38020-30323YES
N, P, EPI300-650CAN'T RES600YES
N, P, NONPOLISHED355-395.01-.0325YES
N, P, POLISHED1-0-0400-550>1450
N, P, POLISHED1-0-0>400>1600
N, P, POLISHED1-0-0>300>1500
N, P, POLISHED1-0-0>300>1500
N, P, POLISHED >300>1500
N, P, POLISHED >500>.01350

The information referenced on this page is accurate to the best of our knowledge. We do not warrant the completeness or accuracy of the information contained herein. Interested parties are encouraged to request inspection to verify equipment condition, configuration, and completeness. Any offer to purchase equipment shall be subject to our standard terms and conditions of sale.

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