Celebrating Community Day across Asia

Volunteers from Macquarie's Singapore office ready to deliver food packages to Malay households in need ahead of Hari Raya.

15 July 2019

As part of giving back to the communities in which Macquarie Group staff live and work, on Community Day staff contributed their time, services and expertise to causes they’re passionate about. The annual Community Day tradition began ten years ago in Macquarie’s Seoul office. It’s now gained momentum across the Asia region, with offices in Hong Kong, Singapore and Seoul spending time volunteering and raising funds for community causes. This year, more than 800 hours and $A60,000, including matching from the Macquarie Group Foundation, was donated to 20 organisations.

More than 230 Macquarie staff got involved in 22 events, including setting up new laptops and testing website and mobile applications in Hong Kong; cleaning and cooking lunches for children with disabilities in Korea; and distributing food packages to low-income elderly households in Singapore.

Macquarie staff enjoy the opportunity to unite for the common good while creating new relationships across the organisation at the same time.

“It's one day where people from the different businesses get together for a shared purpose. Spending time with the beneficiaries and getting physically involved brings about a sense of community and creates the opportunity for everyone to meet and interact,” shares Pollyanna Rayappan from Macquarie Singapore’s office.