2021 Annual Review

Macquarie Group Foundation Committee

The Macquarie Group Foundation Committee (the Committee) comprises senior executives who bring specific areas of expertise and experience. Committee members represent various business groups and Macquarie’s four regions and are involved in a range of different community organisations. 

As well as meeting regularly to assess funding applications, review the Foundation's activities and set and monitor strategy, Committee members also act as champions of the 50th Anniversary Award projects and sub-committees which guide our strategic direction. 

In FY2021, Mary Reemst announced that Bruce Phipson would succeed Tony Graham. Tony joined the Committee in April 2014 and has been an enthusiastic member since then, always generously contributing his support and ideas. Tony hands the reins to Bruce Phipson, Chief Operating Officer of Macquarie’s Banking and Financial Services group. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Tony for his tremendous contribution over the past seven years, and welcome Bruce to the Committee.

In the year ahead, Verena Lim will succeed Ben Way as the Head of Asia representative on the Committee, and Alex Harvey, Macquarie Group’s Chief Financial Officer, will step in as Chair of the Committee when Mary Reemst retires from the role in early 2022. 

Macquarie Group Foundation Committee

Mary Reemst (Chair)
CEO Macquarie Bank Ltd (Sydney)

Sue De Broglio3
Risk Management Group (Singapore)

Stuart Green
Group Treasurer, Financial Management Group (Sydney)

Jackie Hamilton
Macquarie Capital (New York)

Shawn Lytle
US Country Head (Philadelphia)

Elizabeth O'Leary
Macquarie Asset Management (Sydney)

Bruce Phipson
Banking and Financial Services (Sydney)

Paul Plewman3
CEO Europe, the Middle East and Africa (London)

Lynette Sarno
Global Head of HR, Corporate Operations Group (Sydney)

Lisa Sonnabend
Commodities & Global Markets (Sydney)

Ben Way
CEO Asia (Hong Kong)

Dan Wong3
Global Co-Head Macquarie Capital (London)