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Macquarie's Asia Equity Research team delivers insights, analysis and thought leadership for our institutional clients. Uniquely positioned as one of Asia’s most experienced research houses, our dedicated team covers more than 900 stocks across the region.

The team focusses on disruptive innovation across a broad range of industries from consumer and healthcare to technology and the transition to green energy. Our proprietary data sets and analysis help our clients with their investment processes to generate alpha.

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Wearables: The next tech frontier - True Wireless Stereo to drive the growth

Our Asia Technology team examines the rapid growth and opportunities in the global wearables market. As mobile penetration continues to increase and smartphones cement their role in our daily lives, wearables come hand in hand with rapid digital adoption. As the next big thing, the total wearables market is predicted to enjoy robust growth in the coming years with a five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 22% in 2020-2024. True Wireless Stereo (TWS) is a key driver in the growth of the wearables market. Learn more about the wearables market in this report.

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Containing COVID-19

More than 11 billion individual doses of COVID-19 vaccine may be needed to achieve ‘herd immunity’ for the global population, in our view. A bottleneck in glass vials is possible, as capacity needs to increase by at least 32% over the next 12 months to deliver 7bn doses by year-end 2021. Potential beneficiaries: glass vial producers, cold chain logistic operators.

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Autonomous Vehicles: A Data Center on wheels

We expect Vehicles that are largely autonomous to become commonplace by the middle of the decade. This revolution in mobility will require a wholesale re-engineering of the automobile electronics architecture and industry – creating an effective ‘Data Center on Wheels’. Auto OEMs, who were far behind two years ago, are coming back with strength but we think the best investment opportunities will lie with suppliers of automotive semiconductors and software.

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Dual Circulation 2025

Dual circulation embodies China’s ambitions to become self-sufficient and the world’s leading smart economy. Against a backdrop of geopolitical instability and a raging pandemic, China’s key 14th Five-Year Plan strategy offers a hedge against deglobilisation, and the means to help China double its GDP by 2035. Key initiatives aim to boost domestic consumption, fast track technology progress and enhance supply chains. 

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Our perspectives

"Data Centres offer an infrastructure-type play on data growth – highly predictable cash flows, barriers to entry (location, location, location) and a real growth element."

Nic Baratte, Sector Lead for Technology & Telecom

"In China, we see 8 percent of the hospital system caring for more than half of the entire country’s patients."

David Ng, Sector Lead for Healthcare & Pharma

"We expect leading After School Training players will accelerate consolidation… the pandemic also has provided an opportunity for online education to gain wider exposure. Going forward, we expect the Online-Merge-Offline (“OMO”) model to become the norm in the AST sector."

Linda Huang, Sector Lead for Consumer & Education

Our people

"Macquarie Asia Equity Research aims to be a trusted partner to our clients, sifting through the noise to identify the cutting-edge thematics that are constantly redefining the markets, industries and economies of the incredibly dynamic Asia region.

Our approach is relentlessly bottom up, with a team of more than 80 analysts on the ground, stretching from Japan to India across 11 offices and covering over 900 stocks. Our strategy is to uncover disruptive innovation and the consequent potential to capture alpha.

From the re-invention of mobility, finance and retail, to the rapid impact of ESG on markets, to geo-political evolution, our analysts are thought leaders for the market."

Jake Lynch
Head of Research, Asia

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Charles Yonts
Asia ESG

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APAC Quant

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Technology & Telecom

David Ng
Healthcare & Pharma

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APAC Energy

Jayden Vantarakis
ASEAN Coverage

Han Joon Kim
Internet & Media

Linda Huang
Consumer & Education

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Global Equity Strategy