Aerial view white oil tank, storage of oil and petrochemical products ready for logistic and transport business
Aerial view white oil tank, storage of oil and petrochemical products ready for logistic and transport business

Our specialist expertise


Risk and capital solutions across physical and financial commodity markets

We provide capital and financing, risk management, market access and physical execution and logistics solutions across the power, gas and emissions, agriculture and oil, and resources sectors globally. We also offer commodity-based index products to institutional investors.

Our in-house schedulers, structurers, logistics experts, meteorologists, geologists, petroleum and mining engineers have deep industry expertise and technical knowledge, enabling robust evaluation of opportunities in both the advanced exploration and early development phases of projects.

Full-spectrum offering

Power, gas and emissions

Deregulated power industry leader in major markets globally.

Utilising our trading presence in gas and power, Macquarie combines activities in the physical and financial markets to create highly effective and bespoke risk management solutions for clients across the energy asset class:

  • Physical offtake and supply​
  • Transport optimisation​
  • Trading/hedging​
  • Market analysis and research​
  • Financing and capital solutions​ 

Macquarie is continuing to grow its presence in the physical liquified natural gas space as the industry expands as an emerging area of focus globally.​

  • Power
  • Emissions
  • Carbon offsets
  • Natural gas
  • LNG
  • Biomass
  • Hydropower
  • Responsibly sourced gas 

Agriculture and oil

Providing tailored solutions across agriculture, crude oil, and refined products for more than 20 years.

We provide myriad solutions for producers, consumers, trade houses and investors.

Our global agriculture and oil expertise extends across the entire process of production to consumption, providing clients with access to a unique understanding of the market. 

Utilising our trading presence, Macquarie leverages physical and financial capabilities to create highly effective and customised solutions. Our business offering includes:

  • Hedging and risk management
  • Credit intermediation
  • Physical logistics, storage and pipeline capacity
  • Cross-barrel, global, financial and physical platform
  • Chartering and freight services
  • Access to pipeline capacity
  • Supply/offtake agreements
  • Execution capabilities in carbon-offset oil and oil products
  • A dedicated supply and demand market analytics team
  • Capabilities in emerging low-carbon fuels
  • Crude oil
  • Refined products
  • Wet freight
  • Transport fuels (including low-carbon fuels)
  • Chemicals
  • Plastics
  • Grains and oilseeds
  • Meat, livestock and dairy
  • Sugar, coffee and cocoa
  • Ethanol/renewables
  • Pulp, paper and cotton


Providing physical and financing solutions across the resources complex to customers globally

With a 40+ year record in resources markets, CGM delivers comprehensive financing and risk management solutions across the resources value chain. Our clients benefit from access to:  

  • Market-leading technical and fundamental insights
  • Customised solutions encompassing physical product, derivatives and financing 
  • Cross-commodity and cross-market structuring
  • Liquidity in both derivatives and physical markets 
  • Early-stage equity and debt capital across upstream metals markets
  • Financing capabilities for metals in port or in transit 
  • Financing warehoused metal in cash and carry trades, third party stock and repo finance
  • Logistics solutions
  • Aluminium
  • Nickel
  • Copper
  • Zinc
  • Lead
  • Gold
  • Palladium
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Iron ore
  • Cobalt
  • Steel
  • Lithium
  • Tin

Quantitative Investment Strategies

Find out how our QIS business partners work with investors to enhance returns through exceptional quantitative methodologies and innovative technologies.

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