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Mentoring Week in the Americas

Shining a light on the power of mentoring with Macquarie and grant partner, America Needs You. 

First launched in May 2018, Macquarie’s Mentoring Week is just one part of the Macquarie Group Foundation's larger strategic grant program in the Americas to promote college access, success and career attainment for underrepresented youth. Since its inception, this event has become an annual favourite among employees excited to volunteer their time to mentor young people across the region.

Each spring, Mentoring Week events are eagerly attended by ambitious students and Macquarie employees alike. This year, in consideration of the current COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to honour our commitment to college and career success by taking Mentoring Week online for a series of virtual events and mentorships.

America Needs You, a Macquarie grant partner

The key to Mentoring Week's success is the commitment of Macquarie's employees and grant partnerships with non-profits like America Needs You (ANY). ANY is an organization that fights for economic mobility for ambitious, first-generation college students through transformative mentorship and intensive career development.

Since 2014, Macquarie's support has helped ANY expand their college and career success program for first-generation students, the ANY Fellows program, nationally in the US. Most recently this support has assisted in the growth of the Chicago Fellows program, the launch of a new Los Angeles Fellows program and the development and implementation of a digital curriculum for students across the nation.

Participation in programs run by organizations such as ANY have proven equally transformative for students working hard to reach their career goals, and the employees empowered to help them succeed.

Taking a hands-on approach

Take mentor Joe Rossetti, a manager within Regulatory Affairs and Aggregate Risk in Macquarie's New York office. For Joe, giving back to low income and underrepresented youth is personal.

“I went to a public school and didn't have access to business classes or expertise,” said Joe. “Thankfully, I had a mentor who worked in financial services. Without her advice, I wouldn't have ended up in this industry.”

Joe Rossetti, Manager, Risk Management Group and America Needs You Mentor Coach 

Through Macquarie's partnership with ANY, Joe signed on to be a mentor. At an introductory event, Joe immediately connected with Seddik, a first-generation college student majoring in finance and investments at New York City's Baruch College.

“I'm the first in my family to have these types of experiences," said Seddik. “I'm the first to make these kinds of moves — finding an internship, working towards a career in finance. Having a mentor helps close this gap."

Now, nearly halfway through the intensive two-year mentorship program, both mentor and mentee have already felt its positive impacts.

“I'm leading the change, going to school, going into a career that no one else in my family has gone into,” said Seddik. “It has been a proud moment for me and my parents.” 

Seddik Shahid, America Needs You Fellow 

Helping Seddik develop his understanding of the financial industry, including the requisite skills needed to land a job after college, has been especially powerful for Joe.

“It's rewarding, personally," he said. “I want to make it as impactful as possible. Professionally, it has also helped me improve as a manager at work. Beyond resume writing and interview skills, you also build up the soft skills that you use day-to-day. You learn empathy, listening skills, and get better at understanding different perspectives. It's very effective training for working with other people."

Joe cites the Macquarie Group Foundation as his reason for being able to give back to the community in a way that matters most to him.

“By giving your time and resources, Macquarie supports your volunteer efforts in a really meaningful way," he said. "From an employee perspective, it's a really amazing benefit that makes you proud to work here."

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