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Chemwest Conductivity Control System (CCS)

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Conductivity Control System (CCS)

Water Treatment

Support Equipment (Fab)

Equipment details:

Date of Manufacture: 08/2015

Currently Configured for: To be determined

Current Equipment Status: Available

Location of Equipment: Milpitas, United States

Available date: Currently Available

Chemwest DI(deionized water) Water Conductivity Control System


The Chemwest Conductivity Control System (CCS) has been designed to continuously adjust the amount of CO2 injected into an ultrapure water (UPW) stream to achieve the targeted conductivity. Changes in the UPW flow rate are not a problem for the CCS. Closed-loop control based upon conductivity is used to ensure the conductivity is maintained even as the flow rate changes rapidly.

The system uses membrane contactor technology to provide bubble-free injection of the CO2. An all fluoropolymer flow path is used to maintain the purity of the DI water and prevent the introduction of particles or contaminates.

The CCS operates in a wide range of UPW flow rates and conductivity levels providing the flexibility to meet an array of application requirements.

  • Wet Etch Clean (WEC) critical rinses
  • Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography (EUV) mask cleaning
  • Photolithography reticle cleaning
  • Photolithography spin-rinse process
  • Post Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP) rinse process
  • Photoresist residual removal


System flow range

1-60 L/min (1)

Conductivity range

0.5 – 40 µS/cm2 (2)

Transient stability

± 5% of setpoint

Steady State Stability

± 2% of setpoint

(Dependent upon incoming UPW flow stability)

UPW requirements

Pressure Range

0.21 – 0.48 MPa (30-60 PSIG)

Max Temperature


CO2 requirements

Pressure Range

0.2 – 0.7 MPa (30-100 PSIG)

Minimum Purity

Grade 4

N2 requirements

Pressure Range

0.15 – 0.7 MPa (20-100 PSIG)

Minimum Purity

Grade 2

CDA requirements

Pressure Range

0.5 – 1.5 MPa (75-215 PSIG)

Electrical requirements

120 vac, 60 hz, 1 ph

FLA 5.1A, Max. 10A

Box Dimensions (Maximum; No Ftgs)

Standard System

Height-57", Width-24", Depth-12"

1 Higher flow rate systems can be developed. Systems rated for >40L/min will be larger in dimension.

2 Conductivity range is dependent upon UPW flow range and temperature. Each system is shipped tuned for target conductivity setpoint and flow range. Please consult Chemwest for your specific requirements.

3 System requires a minimum of 200mm (8") above and 200mm (8") below the unit to allow facility connections.

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