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FEI Company Tecnai G2 F30

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FEI Company

Tecnai G2 F30


Metrology Equipment

Equipment details:

Date of Manufacture:

Currently Configured for: N/A

Current Equipment Status: Available

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Location of Equipment: Hiroshima, Japan

Available date: Currently Available

YE Thermofisher Tecnai G2-F30

Configuration Details:

Tecnai 30ST

S/N : D297

Hight Tension : 300kV


Resolution TEM point : 0.205nm

Resolution HRSTEM : 0.16nm

Camera : Gatan 794 CCD


EELS : Gatan Tridiem


Lorentz lens

Tomography STEM/TEM



OS : Windows XP sp3

Tecnai 3.1.2

TIA 3.2 SP6

Digital Micrograph 3.9.5 for GMA 1.4.5

Objective Lens Type : ??

Essential specifications

Electron source

• Flexible high tension (50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300 kV and values in between)

• Schottky Field emitter with high maximum beam current (> 100 nA)

• High probe current (0.6 nA in a 1 nm spot, 15 nA in a 10 nm spot)

• Small energy spread (0.8 eV or less)

• Spot drift < 1 nm/minute


• Patented TWIN, S-TWIN and U-TWIN objective lenses

• Coma-free alignment for high resolution objective-lens centering

• Ranged, rotation-free magnification and diffraction series

• Magnification reproducible within ± 1.5%

• Embedded CCD/energy filter

• Lorentz lens for field free imaging for magnetic field visualization (optional)


• Fully digital scan system

• Bright Field and Annular Dark Field mode

• High resolution STEM with HAADF detector


• Excellent EDX in-hole performance (< 1% hole count)

• Low system background in EDX (< 1% spurious peaks)

• High P/B ratio (Fiori number) > 4000

• Embedding of EDX, PEELS and energy filter

• Spectrum imaging with multiple detectors

Specimen stage

• Fully computer-controlled, eucentric side-entry, high stability CompuStage

• Maximized tilts for any X,Y,Z, α and β combination

• Choice of a variety of specimen holders

• X, Y movement ± 1 mm, Z movement ± 0.375 mm; specimen size 3 mm

• Specimen recall reproducibility: ≤ 0.3 μm (after movement of 300 μm in x and y) and ≤ 0.1 (α tilt)

• Drift ≤ 0.5 nm/minute with a standard holder attainable


• Fully interlocked differentially pumped column

• Clean vacuum system with turbo molecular pump, prepumping column, gun and specimen airlock

• 150 l/s Ion Getter Pump on specimen area • Liner tubes pumped by additional Ion Getter Pump

• Ultra-high vacuum for contamination-free observation

• Vacuum levels: specimen chamber < 2.7 × 10-5 Pa ; gun < 5 × 10-7 Pa

• Fast airlock pumping times: user selectable down to < 1 min

• Plate camera exchange without switching off high tension or emitter

Software and control

• Operations system: Windows® XP • Remote operation (optional)

• Motorized apertures (optional) • Scripting software (optional)

• Xplore3D™: FEI's intelligent tomography solution for TEM and STEM (optional)

• TrueImage: FEI's patented focal series acquisition and reconstruction software package (optional)

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