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Asset ID: 210158

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Semiconductor Equipment Spares

Semiconductor Equipment Spares

PC Power Supplies

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Equipment details:

Date of Manufacture:

Currently Configured for: 300mm

Current Equipment Status: Available

Asset HDD not included

Location of Equipment: Taichung City, Taiwan

Available date: Currently Available

Material descriptionName of vendorVendor Material NumberSale Qty
INJECTOR, QUARTZ C-0.5-100Ferrotec Taiwan 5805-200125-B127
BOX, INJECTOR QUARTZ TRIDENT O3 STDFerrotec Taiwan 5805-200392-512
VALVE, ANGLE 1IN MANUAL KF25Lam Research60-257228-004
VLV,PNEU,NC,DIAPH,2P,5RA,FUJIKINLam Research766-026510-0033
CA, FIBEROPTIC,SNSR,5000MM LG,HTLam Research857-224383-0024
SNSR, GAS,TRANSMITTER,VAPLam Research799-161711-0024
BRACKET, RESTRAINT,SEISMILam Research714-196759-0034
KIT, ERGO CHASE CART ASSELam Research04-383855-004
ASSY, COMPUTER,AFA4/PROTELam Research853-189925-0414
GSKT, PNL,BARR WALL,MACHLam Research716-175486-0024
GAUGE, EE HGT,PM,MACH IVLam Research72-317606-004
HOIST ASSY, TM ROBOT,MACHLam Research02-376443-064
BRKT, HOIST ADAPTER,UPPERLam Research714-248503-0034
BRKT, HOIST ADAPTER,LOWERLam Research17-395481-004
FIXTURE, LIFT,VAC RBT,MACLam Research71-395052-004
JENSEN TOOL KIT, JT850Lam Research72-07635-004
FIXTURE, FEELER,LOWER OUTLam Research71-451485-004
FIXTURE,SLIT VALVE LIFTLam Research72-266058-004
FIXTURE, BASE PLATE,REMOVLam Research71-321854-004
VLV, VAC,LPRES,PNEU,1/4VCLam Research796-241167-0014
METER, TC VACUUM,DIGITAL,Lam Research27-412251-004
LEVEL, CROSS-TEST,4 MIN/DLam Research765-027433-0034
KIT, ARTWORK,LABEL,DEP,TDLam Research799-144591-0024
TUBE ASSY, MNTR/P SW,TREELam Research10-455045-002
WLDMT, TUBE,HF PURGELam Research839-155217-0022
WLDMT, MAN1 GBX TO DISC,PLam Research839-255755-2112
WLDMT, MAN 2 GASBX TO DISLam Research839-255755-3122
WLDMT, MAN 3 GASBX TO DISLam Research839-255755-1132
CA, SIG,LOAD PORT TEXT FILam Research853-270125-0014
KIT, SERVICE,XY5+,MACHLam Research857-261601-0034
FIXTURE, GO/NO-GO,LOADPORLam Research72-370989-004
FIXTURE, ASSY,POD LOADER,Lam Research71-251144-004
FXTR, TEACH,XY5+ FRICTIONLam Research515-251616-0014
KIT,TEACH,LPM,XY5+Lam Research857-263140-0014
CA, E-NET,BLKHD TO HANDLELam Research833-239243-1064
ASSY, EMO BOX,W/GUARDLam Research02-304505-004
CA, SIG,TM PUMP,FAC PNL,7Lam Research833-260897-0524
CA, SIG,LL PUMP,FAC PNL,7Lam Research833-260897-0424
CA,SIG,AWC,PM3,MACH ILam Research853-239462-0044
CA, SIG,AWC,PM2,MACH ILam Research853-239462-0034
LENS, FIBER OPTICAL,THRULam Research40-423754-004
END EFFECTOR, HYBRID,VACLam Research15-453919-003
CA,ACAL,SNSR-EIOC1,MACHLam Research853-270129-0014
CA,ACAL, SNSR,MACH I,IQ,CLam Research853-270128-0014
CA, ACAL,SNSR-AWC,MACH I,Lam Research853-270127-0014
TUBE ASSY, INLET,MALE,L=2Lam Research10-418127-004
FTG, RESTRCT,FLOW,1300SCCLam Research22-374346-004
VACUUM SWITCH, 20 TORR,VCLam Research60-130675-004
SW, PRESS,555TORR,1A,1/4ILam Research768-279673-0014
CA, OT,NODE 1 TO PED,SCCKLam Research853-254813-0054
SHIELD, VIEW PORT,W/O RFLam Research839-303133-0013
DETECTOR, WATER LEAK MODULam Research34-134668-004
CLAMP, WINDOW,TM,MACH-ILam Research15-398677-004
VIEWPORT,TM,MACH ILam Research15-425679-004
XDCR, PRESSURE,4-770 T,20Lam Research60-397450-001
VALVE,MANUAL TOGGLE,ANGLLam Research60-341134-004
VALVE,DIAPH,2PORT,NC,1/2Lam Research22-277544-004

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