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Talking flight with AirMap's Ben Marcus

In conversation with Ben Marcus, Chairman and Co-founder of AirMap to discuss the company’s journey and its insights into the aviation and drone industries.

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Montgomery Summit 2019

The Montgomery Summit was held on March 6-7, 2019 in Santa Monica, California, bringing together investors, executives and entrepreneurs from around the world at the forefront of the technology industry.

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EdTech is changing the way we learn

EdTech is the next frontier for the way people consume education on a daily basis, providing personalized flexible learning across the student journey.

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MCVS commits to three additional companies

AirMap, Envoy Technologies and Teralytic join the program’s third module

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Powering your journey

Mobile charging the new frontier for electric vehicles.

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Watch: Q&A with T-REX

T-REX’s CEO and Founder Benjamin Cohen discusses how T-REX – with the support of the Macquarie Capital Venture Studio – addresses the challenges that face esoteric assets to create new investment opportunities.

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MCVS adds three companies

FreeWire, Mission Secure and T-REX join the program’s second module

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A conversation with Mission Secure leadership

We spoke with MSi CEO David Drescher about cyber security trends and what companies can do to prevent a cyber attack.

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Beyond the buzz

How drones are powering new possibilities for big data.

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Follow the sun

The air-powered technology that is boosting the economics of solar energy.

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Endless reservoir

Seeking sustainable water solutions, new technology pulls drinking water from the air.


Drones disrupt aviation and infrastructure

With the number of commercial drones set to quadruple in the US over the next four years, the technology has the potential to transform the aviation sector.

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Watch: a spotlight on Sunfolding

Innovation is key for continued expansion of solar energy across the US. Macquarie Capital Venture Studio participating company Sunfolding has created a solar tracker powered by air that may change the financial dynamics of solar energy. Watch to learn why we’re excited to be a part of its growth story.

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InfraTech: the transformative catalyst

Technological innovation is reshaping the infrastructure landscape. This intersection of infrastructure and technology, known as InfraTech, has accelerated the growth and viability of renewable energy, more widespread adoption of autonomous, machine learning drones and a viable solution for accessing pure drinking water in remote areas across the globe.

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Macquarie Capital and R/GA Ventures launch MCVS

Macquarie Capital and R/GA Ventures announce the launch of the Macquarie Capital Venture Studio with R/GA.

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