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Providing visibility into the previously unseen by automating drone data workflows and giving industries new insights to work more safely, efficiently and intelligently

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Founded in: 2016
Headquarters: Austin, Texas

Drones are transforming how industries operate by providing insight into how companies see, how they build, and how they scale. New economic opportunities are being discovered through the collection of larger, more detailed datasets throughout the entire lifespan of assets from development to maintenance.

Hangar, a participating company in the Macquarie Capital Venture Studio (MCVS), is the first drone workflow platform created to seamlessly automate the collection, processing and analysis of sensor data, enabling drones to deliver insights that meet the unique needs of enterprises - at the scale they operate. Hangar believes that drones, the sensors they carry and the insights they enable, will transform the modern economy by enabling individuals, companies and entire industries to rethink how they develop and operate within the physical world.

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"By fusing leading technologies into one automated drone data workflow, Hangar is giving businesses access to aerial insights at a scale and velocity that reinvent how industries see and understand the dynamic world around them. We’re excited to work with the Macquarie Capital Venture Studio to help us reach more companies across a broad range of industries to make them smarter and safer."

   Scott Lumish, CEO of Hangar Technologies


4D Visual InSight

Hangar is the world’s first partner-integrated platform designed to put drones to work by automating the end-to-end interconnections of the 4D InSight supply chain.


JobSight provides on-demand, no-logistics access to visual insights across your projects.

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Scott Lumish, Chief Executive Officer

Scott has spent over two decades at the intersection of drone technology and software development, with leadership positions in global sales, marketing and business development. He has extensive international experience managing teams in Europe and Asia, including guiding three acquisitions and four IPOs over the course of his career. Prior to Hangar, Scott was VP of Business and Corporate Development for DroneDeploy, cultivating strategic partnerships and expanding revenue streams.

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