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A leading global airspace management platform for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) or drones

Founded in: 2015
Headquarters: Santa Monica, California

Unmanned aerial systems (UAS), also known more simply as drones, have become a critical tool in building and enhancing today’s ageing infrastructure while reducing operational risk. Importantly, drones play a vital role in disaster recovery, and yet, often remain grounded - or accidents occur - because of an inability to ensure safety and compliance while in the sky. With commercial drones alone expected to quadruple in the next four years to over 450,000 by 2022, AirMap’s airspace services provides the intelligence needed for operators and others to fly safely while effectively fulfilling their tasks at hand.

AirMap, a participating company in the Macquarie Capital Venture Studio, is a leading airspace management platform for drones. Industry developers, drone operators, and airspace managers rely on AirMap’s airspace intelligence and services to fly safely and communicate in low-altitude airspace. AirMap unlocks safe, efficient, and scalable operations by connecting the world’s drones to airspace authorities through an open platform of APIs and SDKs, with integrations by top drone manufacturers and solution providers in over 25 countries. AirMap is a leader in delivering technology solutions for UAS Traffic Management (UTM) and U-space to enable safe and responsible drone operations at scale.

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"AirMap’s unparalleled UAS and UTM technology allows for anyone to be able to safely and efficiently fly drones intelligently as the skies become more crowded. We’re excited to partner with the Studio to enable more people around the world to reach their sky-high goals through drone operations."

   David Hose, CEO of AirMap


AirMap UTM

Connects airspace authorities with the drone ecosystem to unlock safe, efficient, and scalable drone operations with technology that’s flexible, scalable and future-proof.

AirMap UTM

Connects airspace authorities with the drone ecosystem to unlock safe, efficient, and scalable drone operations with technology that’s flexible, scalable and future-proof.

AirMap UTM Dashboard

Facilitates safe and efficient drone operations for any operating environment. It serves the needs of and provides situational awareness to authorities, USP's, and operators.

AirMap for Drones

Allows operators to take flight with real-time traffic alerts, changes to airspace conditions, and a variety of localized resources such as insurance and automated authorizations.

AirMap Developer Platform

Powers millions of flights today with APIs and SDKs built for tomorrow.



David Hose
Chief Executive Officer

David is a seasoned technology leader and entrepreneur. Prior to joining the AirMap team, David was the Interim CEO of Rhapsody, International; Chief Development Officer and SVP of Openwave Systems; and founder and CEO of Signalsoft, a pioneer in the development of location-based services for mobile phones. David has more than 35 years of experience in technology, serving as founder, CEO, investor, board member, and advisor for more than 40 companies over the course of his career.


Ben Marcus
Chairman and Co-Founder

Ben is an aviation expert and executive. Prior to AirMap, he co-founded and was CEO of jetAVIVA, the world’s largest light business jet sales company. He started his career as a flight instructor and later became a flight test engineer. Ben currently serves on the board of Angel Flight West. He is an FAA-certified Airline Transport Pilot and Flight Instructor with over 4,500 hours of flight experience and ratings in airplanes, helicopters, seaplanes, gliders, and six types of jets.


Gregory S. McNeal

Gregory is an expert in technology, law and public policy. He is a professor at Pepperdine University and a frequent keynote speaker about unmanned aircraft and innovation policy. Gregory has also served on the FAA’s Micro UAS Aviation Rulemaking Committee, the UAS Registration Task Force, the Secret Service Electronic Crimes Task Force, and the Remote Identification and Tracking Aviation Rulemaking Committee.

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