Macquarie Capital joins Uber Air as it builds the future of urban aviation

11 June 2019

Macquarie Capital has been named a partner to Uber Air as the ride-sharing giant develops breakthrough air transportation services to launch globally in 2023. Uber Air will provide riders the option of affordable, shared commercial flights, aimed to ease ground traffic and congestion in major cities including Los Angeles, Dallas and Melbourne. Testing across pilot cities is slated to begin as early as next year.

To enable Uber Air’s operations, a network of Skyports is being planned to handle an unprecedented volume of air traffic, including an estimated 1,000 landings per hour. Greg Callman, Macquarie Capital’s Global Head of Energy Technology, said that Macquarie Capital would work with Uber Elevate on the development and electrification of the Skyports, as well as help determine the best market structures and models for the infrastructure.

“We look forward to leveraging our expertise in infrastructure, charging, and energy, along with innovation driven by Uber and other partners to accelerate the move toward electric air mobility,” Callman said.

Macquarie Capital is one of a select group of partners working with Uber to devise solutions supporting landmark airspace mobility across urban centers, extending the reach of affordable, safe and environmentally conscious transportation options for travelers.