Electric vehicle charging
Electric vehicle charging


Discover FreeWire Technologies

A leading manufacturer of mobile electric vehicle charging stations and zero-emission, quiet mobile power

Founded in: 2014
Headquarters: San Leandro, California

In today’s world, traditional infrastructure struggles to meet our increasing power demands. FreeWire Technology’s purpose-built mobile power solutions free us from the confines of the grid, and in doing so, they can change how energy is delivered to power everybody, anywhere.

FreeWire, a participating company in the Macquarie Capital Venture Studio, is a leading manufacturer of mobile and flexible electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions and zero-emission, quiet mobile power for grid edge applications. Its products offer control over when power is used, stored and delivered, enabling new models of charging and management of EVs, alleviating utility infrastructure constraints and providing power when noise and pollution hamper operations.

"Electrifying the world beyond the grid is key for a decarbonized, sustainable world. The Macquarie Capital Venture Studio is helping us pursue our mission of enabling access to clean power wherever and whenever it's needed. The Studio, with its expertise and access to industry experts, will help us power our evolution."

Arcady Sosinov, CEO of Freewire Technologies


EV Charging

Mobi EV Charger™ can be quickly deployed to meet the rapidly changing EV market and requires no fixed infrastructure. A mobile alternative to the infrastructure-heavy, stationary L2 chargers, Mobi EV Chargers are battery-powered, providing powerful charging without the need for complex infrastructure. Setup is simple and can be done without permitting or construction, allowing for immediate deployment.

Applications include:

  • workplace EV charging in leased parking lots
  • fleet servicing in dispersed locations
  • revive dead EVs, before charging can occur.

Mobile Power

Mobi Gen™ offers clean and quiet on-site power for a variety of off-grid power needs. It supplies uninterruptible power to facilities or remote sites that require a guaranteed source of power. Mobi Gens can be used to supplement, or fully replace traditional diesel-fueled generators.

Applications include:

  • emergency situations – provide critical power wherever, whenever needed
  • movie sets, food trucks, outdoor festivals – enhance customer experience
  • underground tunnel work – improve worker health & safety
  • can also revive dead EVs.


FreeWire's purpose-built mobile power solutions include:

  • Lower energy costs: take advantage of off-peak electricity rates
  • Maximum efficiency: load balancing to avoid demand charges
  • Quality power: pure sine wave power delivery, resulting in longer lifespans for even the most sensitive devices
  • Easy setup: plug-&-play, multiple connections including the standard EVSE
  • Truly mobile solution: products can be deployed anywhere, including several models with a drive-system and a joystick that allow for exact placement
  • Low-maintenance: intelligent design requires minimal maintenance, lowering the cost of ownership
  • No stranded assets: no need for expensive infrastructure upgrades, mobile charging goes with you
  • High utilization: mobile chargers can be relocated anywhere to serve a distributed fleet, not the other way around
  • Intelligent EV charging: cloud-connected capabilities allow fleet managers to gain complete visibility into energy usage and utilization of their charging network
  • Clean & quiet power: when noise and pollution aren’t part of the plan for indoor, outdoor, and underground uses


Arcady Sosinov, Chief Executive Officer

Arcady is the Co-Founder of FreeWire and led the company from ideation, formation and incubation to today. Prior to Freewire, he spent seven years in the finance industry, most recently at investment firm Grantham, Mayo, & Van Otterloo & Co., where he focused heavily on emerging markets and created a financial database analytics suite that trades over $130 billion worth of assets. He moved to the United States from Russia at age five and was capable of replacing car engines by age 11. He holds two Bachelor’s degrees from Boston University and an MBA from UC Berkeley’s Hass School of Business.

Rich Steele, Chief Engineer

Rich Steele is a Co-Founder of FreeWire Technologies and serves as the Director of Manufacturing and Test. He spearheaded the effort from development to production of the Mobi Charger and Mobi Gen product lines. Prior to FreeWire, Rich spent years in the lithium-ion battery cell industry, developing and managing pack technologies at Leyden Energy before its acquisition by A123 Systems. His previous roles include many years in aerospace engineering, designing spacecraft components at Lockheed Martin.

Martin Lynch, Chief Operating Officer

As Chief Operating Officer and member of the Board of Directors, Martin is responsible for all engineering, operations, sales, marketing functions and the financial plan. Previously, Martin was the Chief Operating Officer at Sunlink, Xicato and Cornice. Martin is a 25-year veteran of the hard disk drive industry, including as VP of Engineering for Maxtor's server product group. Martin has a B.S.E.E. from Boston University and holds several patents in genetic algorithm-based HDD test process systems.

Ethan Sprague, Vice President of Sales

Ethan is the Vice President of Sales and is responsible for helping customers meet their need for clean, quiet, mobile power. He also focuses on the company's strategic goals, including revenue growth, go-to-market, and vertical expansion. Prior to FreeWire, Ethan held sales management, business development and regulatory positions in several energy related companies including, Kevala, Spruce, NRG and Sunrun. Ethan holds a Bachelor of Arts in Law and Politics from the University of California at Santa Cruz, and a Master's of Science in Journalism from Columbia University.

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