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Tokyo Electron Ltd. (TEL) ALPHA-303i Nitride

Asset ID: 79176

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Tokyo Electron Ltd. (TEL)

ALPHA-303i Nitride

Vertical Furnace

Furnaces/Diffusion Systems

Equipment details:

Date of Manufacture: 2004

Currently Configured for: 300mm

Current Equipment Status: Available

Asset HDD not included

Location of Equipment: Taoyuan, Taiwan

Available date: Currently Available

Process: OXYNIT

Tool config is based on original PO, please verify tool details at tool inspection

General Specification

Safety Specification: S2-0200/ CE-Mark(STD)

Heater Model: FTP VOS-56-003 4Zone / RT-1000(C ) /with RCU

Process Condition: LP

Maximum Operating Temperature C: 950

ART Control: N/A

N2 Load Lock: YES

Wafer Type: 300mm-Si SEMI STD-Notch

Qty. of Production Wafers: 100

Boat Operation (Handing Position): 2 Boat Type

Software Version (WAVES): Ver 2.13 (WAVES)

Furnace Spec, Furnace

Dewpoint Meter for N2 Load Lock: None

RCU Duct Length FNC - RCU: N/A

Ionizer Maker / Model: ION system / 4052e(controller):4610TF(ionizer)

Chemical Per-filter (for Acid): None

Chemical Per-filter (for Alkali): None

Chemical Per-filter (for Hydrocarbon): None

Side Maintenance: None

O2 Density control for N2 Load Lock: Yes

N2 Boat Shower Wafer Cooling: Yes

Fumace Temperature Controller: Model560A

Furnace Spec, Wafer/Carrier Handling

FOUP Maker / Model: ASYST/GEN3

Carrier Stage Capacity: 16

Info Pad A,B: None

Info Pad C,D: None

Fork Material: 1+4/ AI2O3(STD)

W/T Type: 1+4 Edge Grip

W/T Auto Teaching: No

Furnace Spec, Furnace Facilities

Furnace Exhaust Connection Point: Top Connection

Cooling Water Connection Point: Bottom Connection

RCU Duct Connection Point: N/A

Gas Spec, Gas Distribution System

IGS Type: IGS 1.5"W-seal rail-mount

IGS Maker: Fujikin

Tubing Bends: Bend (STD)

IGS Final Filter: MYKROLIS(Ni)

IGS Regulator: VERIFLO

IGS MFC Maker / Type: AERA

IGS Press. Transducer: NAGANO

Liquid Source Vapor System Maker / Model: None

Auto-Refill System Maker / Model: N/A

Auto-Refill System Provided By: N/A

Refill System Tubing Interconnect By: N/A

Ozone Delivery System Maker / Model: None

Ozone Delivery System Provider: N/A

Extemal Torch Unit: N/A

Water Vapor Generator (WVG): N/A

PAC: None

Gas Spec, Gas Facilities

Incoming Gas Connection Point: Bottom Connection

Gas Vent Connection Point: Bottom Connection

Exhaust Vent Connection Point: Top Connection

Gas Unit Exh. Connection point: Bottom Connection

Process Gas Exhaust connection point: Bottom Connection

Exhaust Specificationbution

Vacuum Gage - Press Ctrl: MYKROLIS

Vacuum Gage - Press Monitor (133kPa): MYKROLIS

Vacuum Gage - Pump Monitor: MYKROLIS

Main Valve: CKD Combination valve

Pump Maker / Model: EDWARDS/IH1800 (30000L/min)

Pump Provided by: Customer

Abatement System Type: Buming Type

Abatement System Maker / Model: OSC 1862WA (thermal wet)

Abatement System Provided by: Customer

N2 Dilution Unit Provided by: Gas cabinet exhaust

Pump Power: Facility provide

Pump Control Unit Steeing Location: 

Pump-FNC Vacuum Piping Provided By: Customer

Reactor Specification

SiC Vendor Requirement: N/A

Liner Tube(AP): N/A

Process Tube(AP,AP+Sub-AP): N/A

Outer/Inner Tube Material (LP): Ouartz / Quartz

Inner Tube Type (LP): Reduce

Inner T/C: Outer Tube interior wall type (for CVD)

Tube Sealing: O-Ring

Manifold Heater: None

Switch Valve for Manifold Cooling Water: The reinforced cooling water is used

Soft Backfill Injector: Yes

Boat Type: 141Slots loader

Boat Material: SiC with CVD-Coat

Boat Rotation: Yes

Pedestal Type: Quartz+SiC

Cap Heater: Yes

Auto Shutter: Shutter Purge Type

Earthquake Countermeasure: N/A

Power Specification, Power dist System

Voltage 3phase: 480VAC

3phase connebtion type: Beaker Terminal

Voltage Single-phase: 120VAC

Single-phase connection type: Beaker Terminal

Frequency: 60Hz

Wattmeter Maler / Model: None

Control Power UPS provided by: Customer

Control Power UPS type: Fab-wide system

UPS Input Voltage / Output Voltage: N/A

Power Cable Input Entrance Location: Power Box Top

Power Specification, Cable Length

Wiring by: Customer

Conduit/Raceways provided by: Customer

Interface Specification, Factory Automation System

Host Communications: Comply with GJG

Equipment Host I/F Connection: Gas box top (OP)

Ingenio: Yes

OHT Capability: Yes

PIO I/F Location: FNC Top

PIO Provided by: TEL

PIO Maker /Model: Hokuyo / DMS-HB1-Z05

Carrier ID Reader Writer Type: RF

CIDRW Load Port: Read


CIDRW Maker / Model: OMROM/V700-L21

CIDRW Provided by: TEL

EEC(Equipment Engineening Capability): None

Customized Management Signals(for WAVES): N/A

Interface Specification, User Interface

Signal Tower Model: LOUGWB-24-4

Signal Tower Colors (from the Top): Red/Blue/Yellow/Green

Signal Tower Location: Front / operation panel type

Front Operation Panel: Yes

MMI and Gas FlowChart: FPD & GFC installed

Indicator Type: Selete

Operator Switch: Operator Access/White Cover with Orange Light

Pressure Display Unit (Gas Inlet / Vacuum): MPa / Torr

Cabinet Exhaust Pressure Display Unit: Pa

Waming Label: English

Other Specification, Unit Location

Power Box: Sub-Fab

Pump: Sub-Fab

RCU: Yes

Other Specification, Gas Leak Detector

Gas Leak Detector: Yes

Gas Leak Detector Provided By: TEL

Gas Leak Detector Maker: Riken

Gas Detector Power: Power box

Damage/Missing parts list

Please inspect tool to reconfirm

Dry pumps and customer provided items not included on sales

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