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Airgard Cyclone

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Abatement - Exhaust Management System

Support Equipment (Fab)

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Location of Equipment: Taoyuan, Taiwan

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Technical Characteristics :

Zero scrubber related process tool downtime

Max. flow rate of input gas is 600SLM

>99.999% removal of water soluble gases

atented non-clogging gas inlet device

Automatic Inlet Plunger

High flow spray chambers

Unique packed column design

PLC based scrubber control box

Dry contact tool interface / interlock

"Standby mode" reduces water consumption to less than 1 % of standard usage [~2GPM to ~1 GPH]


With more than 1000 scrubbers in the field servicing Silicon Epitaxial, Metal Etch, Poly Etch and CVD process abatement applications, it is no wonder that Airgard's wet scrubbers are world renowned. Unrivaled in efficiency, the Airgard wet scrubber removes >99.99% of water-soluble gases by using a special combination of a patented non-clogging gas inlet device, high flow spray chambers and a unique packed column design.
  • Highly efficient gas scrubbing with patented gas inlet devices that minimize restrictions.
  • Automated gas inlet plunger removes restrictions without process interruption.
  • Highly efficient removal of water soluble gases such as HCl, HF, HBr, NH3, F2, BCl3, Chlorosilanes (SiHCl3, SiH2Cl2, SiCl4) and Flourosilanes (SiF4).
  • Reduces most harmful gas emissions to less than 1 part per million in high gas flow rates of up to 5000 SLM.
  • Lowest fresh water consumption in the industry - up to 50% less.
  • Small footprint.
  • No foaming and no sediment.
  • Programmable logic scrubber control box automates gas inlet plunger to reactor functions and reports scrubber status.

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