Equity derivatives

Macquarie has a global equity derivatives offering, focusing on the distribution of Asian, Japanese, Australian and South African equity derivative products to global customers, with market leading single stock capacity.


Macquarie has a long history of participation in warrant markets and was the first issuer to launch a structured warrant in the Asia-Pacific in 1991. Today, Macquarie is the leading warrant issuer in Asia by coverage. We are a first tier issuer in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Malaysia and the only issuer active in more than two markets in the region. Our offering has been recognised by numerous industry awards.

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Strategic equity solutions

The Macquarie Strategic Equity Solutions team offers tailored equity solutions and trading expertise to corporate and high net worth clients. The structures offered by this team include;

  • Structured capital raising
  • Equity collateralised lending
  • Tailored hedging structures
  • Acquisition / disposal strategies.

Macquarie has a proven track record and a global reach, providing the above structures to clients across all regions.

Equity options

Macquarie offers clients a full range of execution and/or clearing services for equity options in the Australian market. For institutional investors looking to enhance portfolio exposure or minimise risk through the use of single stock, combos and index options, the Macquarie execution platform offers exchange and over the counter options for clients both on an agency and in a principal capacity.

Our team works closely with clients to originate and develop executable ideas that help them achieve their investment objectives. Clients also benefit from Macquarie’s leading market position in equities and futures in the Australian market, with unparalleled access to liquidity, research and market insights.