Bringing investors and ideas together to build businesses and drive change
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Bringing investors and ideas together to build businesses and drive change

We invest in early-stage projects and companies active in technological disruption, energy transition and meeting the needs of a growing population. 

Leading global renewables developer


No. 1 Technology Financial Adviser1

Sponsor/Developer of the Year (Gold)

Partnerships Awards 2020

Our areas of focus

We have a long history as a principal investor in energy projects with, over 30 GW of green energy assets in development2 and plans to develop a further 20GW over the next five years.

We often enter a project at an early stage, taking development and construction risk to attract partners and accelerate delivery of new capacity across established and emerging technologies.

Our green energy expertise builds on a long track record of financing and developing conventional energy projects, notably in natural gas.

As an experienced infrastructure adviser and investor, we’re deeply invested in the need to build and improve essential services for a rapidly growing global population, increasingly concentrated in urban areas.

We partner with our clients to develop new roads and bridges, build schools and hospitals, and to upgrade telecommunications and the provision of power and other utilities.

We’re also investing in new data and logistics facilities to maintain the flow of information and essential supplies. 

We believe the unprecedented pace of technological change presents many opportunities in driving new ideas, new business models and wealth creation.

We invest alongside clients and partners in disruptive businesses to enable innovation and accelerate growth. Many of these investments unlock solutions in our broader areas of expertise in energy, infrastructure, financial technology and commodities.

We also make significant investments in our own technologies to deliver continuous improvement to our offering and the experience of our clients.

Climate adaptation: accelerating investment into resilient infrastructure

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  1. M&A deals in Australia, Dealogic, by number.
  2. As at 31 March 2021.