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Tips to ace your virtual interview

We know that interviewing in a virtual environment can sometimes be challenging so Sheldon McIntosh, a recruiter at Macquarie, has shared his tips for how to feel prepared and comfortable in front of the camera.

Test your equipment

It's helpful to do a technical trial run with a friend or family member to ensure all your technology is working properly. Be sure to have a professional username, email address, or handle associated with your profile. On the day of the interview, make sure that your device is fully charged and that you have a strong internet connection. Avoid using smartphone devices for interviews if possible.

If you encounter any technical issues during the interview such as your connection or audio dropping out, email your interviewers to let them know and try to reconnect.

Look professional

We want you to be comfortable but remember that this is a job interview so dress as you would for an in-person interview. Choose an outfit that will look neat and appropriate while you're sitting down and on camera. Check what will appear in the background of your video and make sure we can see your face.


Choose a location that is quiet and free of distractions. Set up the lighting to ensure that we can see your face through the camera making sure it's free from glare and not blurred by darkness. Sitting across from a window is an effective way to get natural light. Be sure your background is clear and free from clutter so the interviewers can focus on you and ensure that you're in the middle of the screen. Disable emails, text messages, alarms, alerts, updates, and any other notifications that may distract you during the interview. Log in five to ten minutes early to set up.

We know that many people are interviewing from their home and they may have other people in the house that could interrupt during the interview or present unexpected background noise. If this happens, don't worry. We know and understand it can be challenging in a virtual setting.

Do your research

The video interview is designed to be relaxed and professional. Prepare for it in the same way you would prepare for a face-to-face interview: make sure you've done your research on Macquarie and the role for which you're applying. We also suggest you have a copy of your resume and the job description available for reference. If you have notes that you want to refer to during the interview, feel free to look at them. However, remember that eye contact is important, even through the computer screen.

Relax and be yourself

Interviews can make people nervous, and video interviews can sometimes heighten that anxiety. Try to relax and be yourself. Be honest with your responses and let your personality shine through. Look at the camera as often as possible and not on the screen or yourself in the video. Maintain good posture and take note of your body language. There may be a delay in response time due to lag in digital connection so give the interviewers time to finish their question or respond to yours.

Give concise answers

Keep your answers concise but make sure that you give the interviewers enough information. When responding to a competency or behavioural question, we suggest using the 'Situation, Behaviour, Outcome' technique. With this technique, you describe the situation that you were faced with, the approach that you took and the outcome of that approach.

Ask questions

Remember this is an opportunity for you to ask us questions as well. We'll allow time for you to ask us anything you'd like to know more about at the end of the interview. Candidates often ask us about our company culture, our flexible work arrangements and our employee network groups. This is an opportunity for you to get to know us better as well.

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