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Outlook 2022

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We know that meaningful change requires courageous leadership, innovation, and collaboration."

Ben Way
Group Head, Macquarie Asset Management

A new macroeconomic era?

Globalisation is slowing, geopolitical tensions are elevated, and policy choices are getting harder. 

For 2022, we see five key themes for investors.

Global growth persists

Omicron felt early, but looks like a robust year.

Inflation peaks but remains elevated

The developed world could see inflation stay in the picture.

Labour strikes back

The pandemic gave workers an upper hand not seen in decades.

Central banks tighten

A synchronised global cycle may not go very far.

Energy transition accelerates

Lower costs and political momentum drive it forward.

Additional perspectives

We offer forward-looking, grounded perspectives on the issues that matter to our clients and the world.

Webinar: Outlook 2022

Our panel discusses the key themes investors should be prepared for in the upcoming year to navigate the markets.

The path to net zero

A look at data reveals much work ahead to meet global climate goals

Infrastructure resilience

Communities and economies are only as strong as the infrastructure they rely on.

Post-pandemic: Pivoting to a new era

Get a handle on the opportunity set for 2022 and beyond, with views from around the public and private markets, including equity, fixed income and real assets.

Outlook 2022 


Outlook 2022



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The ever-evolving role of asset management

This episode of Macquarie Group’s Perspectives podcast explores the key themes set to shape the investment landscape and performance of key asset classes this year – building on those outlined in Macquarie Asset Management’s Outlook 2022 report. 

Our host Amanda Mitchell, Head of Corporate Affairs for Macquarie Asset Management, is joined by Ben Way, Group Head of Macquarie Asset Management, and Daniel McCormack, Macquarie Asset Management’s Senior Economist. Together, they discuss how the asset management sector is stepping up to play an increasingly important role in tackling climate change, and how the COVID-19 pandemic continues to shape our world - uncovering what the ‘new normal’ might look like for investors and asset managers. 

Please note, this episode and the Outlook 2022 report were created prior to the invasion of Ukraine.