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Rudolph Technologies, Inc. NSX 105

Asset ID: 207540

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Rudolph Technologies, Inc.

NSX 105


Metrology Equipment

Equipment details:

Date of Manufacture:

Currently Configured for: 300mm

Current Equipment Status: Available

Asset HDD not included

Location of Equipment: Taichung City, Taiwan

Available date: 9/30/2022

PROBE TCP-3ONTO_NSX105_MACRINSP_01 Onto innovation NSX105 Inspection



  • Rudolpht NSX-105
  • Loading Configuration : Open Cassette & FOUP
  • Type: Macro Inspection
  • Wafer Size: 100mm to 300mm

System Feature:

  • Throughput: Up to 120 Wafers per hour
  • Performance: Up to 60MB processing / Sec
  • Review Camera: Adimec 33 FPS 3CCD Color
  • Illumination: High Speed Strobe
  • Staging: Using Continuous Scan Technology
  • Inspection Axis: Linear motor drive
  • Support Wafer: 100mm to 300mm (<300 on film frames)
  • Defect Sensitivity: To 0.5micron (User Adjustable)
  • Dark Field Option: Yes
  • OS: Windows XP
  • Computer: 2.4Ghz
  • Image Processing System: Genesis (2 nodes)
  • Data Collection: Automatic
  • Platform: Aluminum hard anodized with Ni Plating
  • Turret Assembly: 1X , 2X, 5X, 10X and 20X
  • 2D Defect and Metrology Verification Standard: NIST Certified
  • Mini Environment for Wafer Handling: Class 100 with 600CFM
  • Filter Blower Ionizer for Clear Air: Included
  • Light Tower: Included
  • Docking Module: Included
  • Multipass Software: Included
  • Single OCR: Whole Wafer Only
  • Wafer Map Integration and Test Service: Included
  • DCS I: Defect Capture Station Stand alone Capturing Images from Inspection system
  • Review Pilot Software: Included
  • High Speed Focus Map Sensor (Point Sensor): Resolution 0.02um measuring range +-1/0 working distance 10mm spot dimeter 20um, response time 200ms Linearity +-0.03% of F.S. Visible Red 650nm Laser Light Source

Facility: Configuration:

  • Single Phase + GRD
  • Power: 200-240 VAC @ 50/60 Hz
  • Full Load: 40 Amps
  • Largest load: 8Amp
  • House Vacuum CDA
  • Weight: 2000 lbs

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