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Applied Materials (AMAT) Reflexion LK Oxide

Asset ID: 52691

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Applied Materials (AMAT)

Reflexion LK Oxide

Dielectric CMP

CMP Equipment

Equipment details:

Date of Manufacture: January, 2008

Currently Configured for: 300mm

Current Equipment Status: Available

Asset HDD not included

Location of Equipment: Hiroshima, Japan

Available date: 10/9/2023

Fab15 confirmed there were no missing or damaged parts.

Tool TypeReflexion
Reflexion-LK Prime
(Load Cup)
Input/Output Stage
Water pressure detection type
surface spray
Head wash kitYes
Gap wash kitYes
PedestalRing shape
Wash TowerNone
HCLU nozzle type 
Head Rince nozzle type 
Vacuum Speed ControllerNone
HEAD3Zone/5Zone/Metal5 Zone
6 Carriage 
Ring TypeSUS+PPS
Speed controllerEnable
Wafer loss sensorDark pad
Pad CondHead AssyLD Pad condition disk
detect UP/DOWN
detect on disk rotation
Disk clean cupNone
(DIW spray come out from the side and bottom)
PlatenEnd Point SystemTorque Monitor kitYes
Slurry Arm TSDA
High Pressure RinseNormal or High FlowHigh Flow
Platen1 - Line1D4505
Platen1 - Line2-
Platen1 - Line3-
Platen1 - Line4-
Platen2 - Line1D4505
Platen2 - Line2STI2401
Platen2 - Line3-
Platen2 - Line4STI2910
Platen3 - Line1D4505
Platen3 - Line2STI2401
Platen3 - Line3-
Platen3 - Line4STI2910
Platen4 - Line1None
Platen4 - Line2None
Platen4 - Line3None
Platen4 - Line4None
Flow ControllTubing Pomp
Flow Controller
Flow Controller
Slurry Supply-1MakerToyoko kagaku
Chem TypeD4505
Pomp TypeLevitro Pomp
Modifed Filter Line 
Slurry Supply-2MakerToyoko kagaku
Chem TypeSti2401
Pomp TypeLevitro Pomp
Slurry Supply-3MakerToyoko kagaku
Chem TypeSti2910
Pomp TypeLevitro Pomp
Slurry Supply-4Maker 
Chem Type-
Pomp Type 
Slurry Supply-5Maker 
Chem Type-
Pomp Type 
Chiller None
Chiller type (Vender,type)  
Wash Tower None
QWEInstalled None
Shield None
 Stationary Platen Shield  
ClenaerInput StationPass thru Station
MegasonicWafer RotationRoller0040-87416
(Amat Original)
Flow MeterSpray DIW-
BrushBrush unitWafer rotation2 Roller + 1 Idler
Brush driveDirect Drive
Brush gap adjustmentmotor encoder
Brush opening adjustmentGap Motor + Recipe controll
Brush 1(Chem)Mixed
Brush 1-1FPM
Brush 1-2NH4OH
Brush 2-1FPM
Brush 2-2-
Flow MeterBrush1 ChemEntegris Flow Controller
Brush1 Spray DIWEntegris Flow Controller
Brush1 Brush Inner RinseEntegris Flow Controller
Brush2 ChemEntegris Flow Controller
Brush2 Spray DIWEntegris Flow Controller
Brush2 Brush Inner RinseEntegris Flow Controller
Wafer RotationIdler"Only the washer part can be replaced
No inner ring "
Wafer RollerAmat
DryerDryingMethodIPA drying
HardwareSRD, IPA VaparIPA
SRD ShealdNA
Heater On Detect
Flow MeterSRD FrontNA
RobotFIFFUDifferential pressure adjust type (manual mode possible)
Maker (Type)Kawasaki
Wafer Holding mechanismPlunger
Wet RobotMaker (Type)kawasaki
Wafer Holding mechanismPlunger
Cleaner TransferWalking beam
Running beam
Running Beam
R/B Speed controllerYes/NoNo
OtheriAPC Yes
NOVAType3060 / 3090 / i500 / i500+Nova i550
AlgorithmCognex License ON/OFFON
Fire extinguisherCOX-3EN2COX-3EN2
Pre Clean UnitUnit /RevNone
Tool CleanDoor ShowerReflexion ,
High Pressure RinseYes
Clear Padcond CoverNone
Soft VerGen (For only Prime)Gen3, Gen4, etcN/A
Reflexion Ver. Lk-lp3B4.4t_9
MESA Ver. 
ISRM Ver. IB21e5
Full Vision N/A
RTPC Ver. -
APC Ver. B3.1
Nova IM Ver. V4.5R6b65
Nova Mars.Ver. 5

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