Scientists Working in Laboratory
Scientists Working in Laboratory

Electronic leasing and trading specialists

Whether you are a buyer looking to purchase high-quality secondary technology and manufacturing equipment, or a seller wanting to maximise your returns on the sale of surplus equipment – we can help.

Our deep expertise, global footprint and innovative approach to finance, enables us to provide customised solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients.

25+ years'

semiconductor industry experience

Global team

of multilingual specialists with local expertise


of high-quality used semiconductor tools

$1.4+ billion

of multilingual specialists with local expertise

Secondary semiconductor equipment sales

Macquarie owns or exclusively represents high-quality, secondary semiconductor manufacturing equipment for sale in one of the largest inventories in the industry. We specialise in litho, metrology, etch, diffusion, as well as ATE and PCBA equipment.

Our equipment is still in production or stored in controlled warehouse facilities located in major semiconductor manufacturing regions around the world.

Real time equipment information, including downloadable datasheets with serial numbers, photos and configuration details can be found here:

Fab advisory, asset valuation and managed services

Our team of equipment specialists assist with:

  • onsite equipment inspection; compilation of configuration details; and production of data sheets with photo documents to share with targeted buyers
  • asset valuation to determine fair market value of assets on an itemised basis
  • arranging asset management services including de-installation, de-contamination, transportation and storage.

Equipment remarketing

We organise rigorous world-wide marketing campaigns to promote equipment for sale, utilising various sales channels including online and technical sales force. We prepare detailed data sheets for each asset to list here and promote throughout our industry network, providing our customers with excellent opportunities to maximise the value of surplus equipment.

Our global team of specialists has a deep understanding of the local language, legislation and compliance requirements to ensure complex transactions are processed smoothly and in strict accordance with local laws and regulations. 

Equipment sourcing

We use our expertise, robust database and global networks to match equipment supply and demand on a global level, providing our clients access to tools otherwise unavailable. Our unique sourcing services and programs include strategic sourcing of 300 mm equipment.

Equipment finance

We connect our clients to Macquarie capital for full-line fab acquisitions or for purchasing individual tools. Macquarie’s finance capabilities include lease options, extended payment terms and sale-leaseback solutions.

We can also connect our clients to real estate and other industry partners to assist with acquisition of commercial property and ongoing operations.    

Asset experience

Leverage a technical sales force, experienced with:

  • wafer fabrication
  • surface mount equipment
  • circuit board assembly
  • test and measurement
  • semiconductor packaging.    


Generate returns by using Macquarie’s end-to-end remarketing program. Suitable for used semiconductor, manufacturing and other technology equipment.

Sales and sourcing

Source equipment to meet specific requirements and reduce technology costs.    

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