Indonesia: an emerging electric vehicle supply chain hub

23 August 2023

Indonesia is committed to achieving net zero by 2060.1 To help achieve that, the government is aiming to decarbonise both power generation and the transport sector. 

Ari Jahja, Head of Indonesia Research at Macquarie Capital, shares how Indonesia has been ramping up its efforts to be a major player in the global electric vehicle (EV) supply chain and, how he predicts the country’s EV penetration should continue to grow, driven by ecosystem formation and Indonesian government incentives. 

Strong investments have been flowing into Indonesia’s EV supply chain, along with a rising number of EV-related players expanding their presence in the country. He expects strategic partnerships with the private sector to be executed, developing an integrated battery industry. Meanwhile, synergies among the state-owned enterprises could accelerate completion of EV supply chain projects.

Views are of Macquarie Capital Equities Research

  1. An Energy Sector Roadmap to Net Zero Emissions in Indonesia, IEA, September 2022,