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Macquarie to list the first China index warrant in Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, 12 February 2015

For the first time in Malaysia, Macquarie Capital Securities (Macquarie) is issuing call and put warrants over the FTSE China A50 Index (“China A50”), an index that tracks the performance of the 50 largest A Share companies listed on the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchange. The structured warrants will be listed today, 12 February.

The two calls and two puts over China A50 have varying strike levels ranging from 10,500 to 12,500 levels, catering for warrant investors with different risk appetite. 

"Our HSI warrants listed on Bursa have been popularly traded by Malaysian investors since our first launch in October 2014, contributing more than 50 per cent of the market turnover so far this year. The listing of China A50 warrants will further provide investors the opportunity to diversify their investment portfolio and also to gain leverage exposure to one of the largest stock markets in the world”, said Eric Tan, Head of Warrant Sales for Macquarie Malaysia.

“The China A50 is currently one of the top performing indexes in the world, for the past six months, gaining over 40 per cent since September 2014. It has historically been a highly volatile index, which is why it has been such a popular target for traders and investors alike”, added Mr Tan.

The warrants will be linked to the movements in the China A50 futures price, which are listed and traded on the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX). Macquarie provides live futures price for the China A50 on its warrant website,

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Warrant name Warrant type Exercise level Expiry date
  Call warrant 11,000 28 August 2015
  Call warrant 12,500 28 August 2015
  Put warrant 10,500 28 August 2015
  Put warrant 12,000 28 August 2016

In addition to the China A50 warrants, Macquarie is listing an additional three call and three put warrants over the Hang Seng Index (“HSI”) with different strike levels. Currently, Macquarie is the only issuer of HSI and China A50 warrants in Malaysia.

For more information on Macquarie’s warrants, please refer to:

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