Environmental, Social and Governance

Sustainability in direct operations

The environmental impacts from our direct operations predominantly relate to the resources we consume in our offices, data centres, and from our business travel. At Macquarie, we seek to manage these impacts by monitoring and reducing resource use, maintaining carbon neutrality, improving the sustainability of our supply chain and occupying and creating innovative and sustainable workplaces, through the implementation of our 2025 Sustainability Plan.

2025 Sustainability Plan

Since 2010, we have reduced our energy use and maintained our carbon neutral commitment. The 2025 Sustainability Plan presents an opportunity to further create a positive social and environmental impact across our operations.

Our steps to reduce resource consumption include energy efficiency measures, data centre virtualisation, waste recycling and water management programs across our global operations.

Through our focus on occupying sustainable workplaces we aim to design and construct new premises in line with sustainability best practice and, where possible, achieve accreditation such as 6 Star Green Star, LEED Platinum, BREEAM Excellent or equivalent.

Supply chain


direct suppliers

56/44 split

between ANZ region and the rest of the world in terms of spend

Top 5 supplier categories

Professional Services, Property & Facilities Management, IT, Market Data, HR

Macquarie is committed to managing its supply chain in an ethical and responsible manner. Our Principles for Suppliers set out Macquarie’s expectations of our supply chain in relation to human rights, safe, fair and ethical working conditions, environmental performance and supplier diversity.

We continue to address supply chain environmental and social risk, including modern slavery, through the implementation of our ESG questionnaire and relevant training for our key risk and procurement staff.

Macquarie’s approach towards identifying and mitigating the risk of modern slavery within our supply chain and business operations is set out in our Modern Slavery Transparency Statement.

Macquarie asks suppliers to be familiar with the core principles of Opportunity, Accountability, Integrity described in the Macquarie Group Code of conduct and encourages suppliers to conduct their own business in accordance with the principles set out in What We Stand For.

We strive to engage more diverse suppliers by improving our internal processes and strengthening our partnerships.

For more information please refer to the supplier portal.

To find out more about what we have done over the last year, refer to the Macquarie Group ESG Report.