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TDK AFM-1505

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Flip Chip Bonder


Equipment details:

Date of Manufacture: 2017

Currently Configured for: N/A

Current Equipment Status: Available

Location of Equipment: Heredia, Costa Rica

Available date: Currently Available

         TDK Corporation AFM-1505 Compact Ultrasonic Bonder

Feature :

• Flexible design for the various process (Ultrasonic· Thermosonic • C4 • Thermal Compression· Eutectic • Transfer etc.)

• Process and machine proposal based on the sufficient experiences

Pre heater table

Bond heater table

Auto nozzle cleaning

Ultrasonic checking

Bump collapse height measurement

Bump absence detection

Bad mark detection

Wafer theta axis correction

Wafer expansion

Hot blow

Nozzle surface monitoring


Nozzle bonding counter

Production management data

Specifications :

Method : Face Down Flip Chip Bonding (Option: Face Up / High Precision Mounting) 

Bonding Process : Ultrasonic· Thermosonic • C4 • Thermal Compression· Eutectic· Transfer etc. 

Mounting Tact Time : MAX: 0.78sec/chip (Including 0.2sec process time) 

Accuracy : ±7µm/3o (Option ±5µm,±3µm) 

Max Load : 25N (Option 50N, 1 DON, 200N, 500N) 

Chip Size MAX: 2.5W X 2.50 X 1.0T mm  (Option MAX:20.0W X 20.00 mm)

Chip Size MIN: 0.3WX 0.3DX 0.1T mm

Chip Supply : 5-. 6, B, 12 Inch Wafer, Tray etc (Wafer magazine auto loading)

Substrate Size MAX: 180W X 120D X 3.0T mm (Option MAX: 8 inch wafer) 

Substrate Size MIN: 50W X 50D X 0.3T mm 

Substrate Supply : Substrate• Package Tray•Wafer Tray etc. 

Machine Size : 1,200W X1 ,504D X1 ,650H mm 

Machine Weight : approx. 1,800kg

Power : AC200V or AC220V 3phase 50/60Hz 30A 

Compressed Air : Pressure : 0.5Mpa Consumption :approx. 30NL/min Connection: R 1/4 or Joint for 10mm tube 

Vacuum : -80 kPa or more

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