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Novellus Systems Inc. VECTOR Extreme - PECVD TEOS

Asset ID: 211065

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Novellus Systems Inc.


PECVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition)

Deposition Equipment

Equipment details:

Date of Manufacture: 2014

Currently Configured for: 300mm

Current Equipment Status: Available

Asset HDD not included

Location of Equipment: Taoyuan, Taiwan

Available date: Currently Available

Tool config is based on original PO, please verify tool details at tool inspection


Software Version: 4.1B12

System Power Rating: 120V AC 1-Phase

Loading Configuration: 4 lots loading

Chm Position 1: Extreme PM2, Chemical: TEOS. Gas:Ar/N/O2/He/NF3

Chm Position 2: Extreme PM3, Chemical: TEOS. Gas:Ar/N/O2/He/NF3

Platform type: Vector Extreme

Chamber type: TEOSxT AMP-DS

Process capability: TEOS oxide

Loadport count: 4


Required Software Revisions: 

System software: PECVD_XL_XT_4_1_B12_PATCH.16 Windows 2000

Fixload firmware: 

ATM robot firmware (friction end effector): VORTEX XY5 FW V1.21 REV B B19

Loadlock motion controller firmware: N/A

Vacuum robot firmware: VORTEX VACUUM ROBOT V1.14 REV A B4

Hardware Configuration - Frame: PEXD002

FOUP front end interface: KIT,TDK,LOADPORT,OMRON RFID,WITH MAPPER 04-403919-02

Fixload FOUP RFID reader: FOUP RF ID Reader Omron V640, 04-403939-01

ATM robot end effector (friction type): top: ASSY,EE,12" LWR FRICTION,XY5 GEN2, 02-426996-00; bottom: ASSY,EE,12" UPR FRICTION,XY5 GEN2, 02-426997-00

Loadlock motion controller: N/A

Loadlock to atmosphere valve (VAT L-motion): VALVE,GATE,300MM,PNEU,DUAL ATM,MACH IV, 63-435188-00

Loadlock to chamber valve (SMC valve): VALVE,GATE,300MM,PNEUMATIC,X2,SMC L-MOTI 63-294083-07

Front UI computer: COMPUTER,SERVER,ES2,UNIT1,1U,QNX6,SSD, 63-431069-00

Transfer module robot: ASSY,TM ROBOT,MACH IV, 02-371402-00

Transfer robot end effector: END EFFECTOR,300MM,VAC RBT,MACH IV, 15-418390-00

Transfer module SMC valve: VALVE,GATE,300MM,PNEUMATIC,X2,SMC L-MOTI, 63-294083-07

Transfer module SMC valve gate: GATE,BONDED,300MM,SMC L-MOTION, CHEMRAZ 629 (Transfer module/Chamber), 60-321366-00

Loadlock lift pin servomotor: MOTOR,SMART,24V,2315D-BRKETH,ANIMATICS, 33-317693-00

Transfer chamber throttle valve: MACH IV Valve, Throttle, 50, KF, Ethernet, 60-315377-02

Loadlock vacuum gate valve: VALVE,GATE,300MM,PNEUMATIC,DUAL MONOVAT,MACH IV, 63-459278-00

Loadlock pump isolation valve: Valve, Gate, Loadlock Angle Valve Manifold, 63-312537-00

Mini environment AWC: installed

Loadlock baratrom: MANOMETER,CAPACITANCE,10 TORR,THICK DIAP 60-371204-00

Transfer module baratron: Manometer, 10 T, KF 16, 60-314269-00

FFU filter: none

Hardware Configuration - Chamber: 

Chamber top plate IOC: CNTRLR,EIOC 0,TOP PLATE,AMP-DS,VXT 61-384817-00

Below chamber IOC: CNTRLR,EIOC 1,BELOW CHAMBER,H2O 61-428059-00

Chamber EC controller: COMPUTER,SERVER,ES2,UNIT1,1U,QNX6,HDD 685-151517-101




MACH IV EC controller: COMPUTER,SERVER,ATHENA4,1U 61-381414-00

Showerhead assembly (13"): SHWRHD,300MM,13 IN,3292 HOLES,CLASSIC,60 16-271392-00

Pedestal position 1 & 2: PED ASSY,VACUUM BRAZED,MOVEABLE,9 MCA PI, 02-384123-00

Pedestal position 3 & 4: PED ASSY,VACUUM BRAZED,MOVEABLE,9 MCA PI, 02-384125-00

Captured lift pin assembly: PIN,SAPPHIRE,C3VCTR,CAPTURED, 15-257351-00

Remote plasma clean power supply: GENERATOR,PLASMA SOURCE,400KHZ,HF-S,CDA, 27-324553-00

HFRF generator: GEN,HF,5000W,13.56MHZ,APEX 251,F47+, 27-373073-00

LFRF generator: GEN,LOW FREQUENCY,3000W,400KHZ,PARAMNT-M, 27-444472-00

HFRF match network: RF MATCH,13.56MHZ,5KW,COMET,24V DC, 27-367855-00

LFRF match network: RF MATCH,LF AUTOMATCH,BULLET,COMET, 27-375850-00

Servo spindle: SPINDLE ASSY,COOL,COMMON,303,C3VCTR, 02-400831-00

Pendulum valve assembly (pressure control valve): VALVE,THROTTLE-GATE,DN100,O-RING,PEND,IN, 63-378354-00

AMPDS quad inlet & divert valves: TUBE ASSY,ALD QUAD VALVE MNFLD,AMPDS,VXT, 10-369130-00   

AMPDS mechanical assembly: ASSY,VAPORIZER,MECHANICAL,1LIQ,ROUND,HDR, 02-368441-01

Hot chamber hardware: Installed

MCA sapphire balls: MCA Ball, 22-100613-00

MCA sapphire pins: MCA Saphire Pin, 3/16 Dia X 13/16 Lg, 1 flat end, 15-315136-00

Ring, wafer lift: RING,CARRIER,UPR SPINDLE 15-122178-00

RPC plasma source: GENERATOR,PLASMA SOURCE,400KHZ,HF-S,CDA, 27-324553-00

RPC distribution: LEG,DIST,H2O COOLED,NO VLV,RPC,VXT, 16-377105-00

IR endpoint controller: DETECTOR,INFRARED GAS,SIF4,1M TORR,24VDC, 27-450285-00

SIRF enclosure: ASSY,SIRF,LF BULLET, 02-378987-00

HFRF power supply: PWR SPLY,208VAC,63A,14.6KW,ASTRON HF-S, 27-425479-00

Servo pin lift: Pin Lift Assy, Servo, SM2315D-Brk/Eth, K2, 02-365787-00

Transfer plate: ASSY,TRANSFER PLATE,WIDE GAP, 02-279692-00

Filler plate, station 1: PLATE,FILLER,STATION 1,CHAMBER, 15-315622-01

Filler plate, station 2: PLATE,FILLER,STATION 2,CHAMBER, 15-315622-02

Filler plate, station 3 & 4: PLATE,FILLER,HI-TEMP,VCTR, 15-270984-00

Double bonded gate: VALVE,THROTTLE-GATE,DN100,O-RING,PEND 63-378354-00

Inconel chamber screws: KIT,CHAMBER INTERNAL,TEOSXT,VXT 04-380540-00

Gasbox: KIT,VXT ,GSBX, TEOSXT, PT W/DISPLAYS, RE 845-167146-001

Baratron 1, process module: MKS 627A11TBC (27-10343-00), 10T heated, 27-10343-00

Baratron 2, process module: MKS 750B13TCE2GK, 1000T, 60-378096-00

Gas Panel (part#, gas species, size): 

Line 1: 22-192845-00, O2(H) @ 20 SLM

Line 2: 22-192847-00, Ar(A) @ 10 SLM

Line 3: 22-371279-00, He(A) @ 7 SLM

Line 4: 22-371280-00, O2(L) @ 7 SLM

Line 5: 22-192813-00, He(B) @ 20 SLM

Line 6: empty

Line 7: empty

Line 8: 22-380894-00, O2(B) @ 15 SLM

Line 9: 22-192846-00, NF3 @ 10 SLM

Line A: empty

Line B: 22-380896-00, A (B1) @ 25 SLM

Line C: 22-192847-00, Ar(B2) @ 10 SLM

Line D: 22-192810-00, N2 @ 10 SLM

Line 14: not used

Line 15: not used

Line 16: not used

Line 17: not used

Line 18: not used

Line 19: not used

Line 20: not used

Line 21: not used

Line 22: not used



Damage/Missing parts list

Damage- pendulum valve Qty 1

Damage- spindle index plate finger Qty 4

Damage- AMPDS heater jacket - divert2 Qty 1

Damage- AMPDS heater jacket - smart sock Qty 2

Damage- ALD valve sensor Qty 2

Please inspect tool to reconfirm

Dry pumps and customer provided items not included on sales

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