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Cell Fabrication

Equipment details:

Date of Manufacture: 2016

Currently Configured for: To be determined

Current Equipment Status: Available

Location of Equipment: Buffalo, United States

Available date: Currently Available


Installation in clean room, assembled but not started, no chemicals

Including Mainframe CLEANTEX, Ozone Generator, Water Heater, 400 kVA Transformer, Lifting pump station, Manual

Inspect to confirm configuration and condition.

SILEX II Batch Wet Processing Equipment


The SILEX II ALTEX machine is designed to apply IPA-free texturing processes, offering substantial cost advantages compared to traditional etching systems. This texturing process can be adjusted to the individual requirements of standard and advanced cell technologies.


The SILEX II CLEANTEX combines common etching and cleaning steps of monocrystalline Si with advanced cleaning and conditioning processes. Efficient cleaning steps are an indispensable requirement to improve cell efficiencies and reduce operation costs. Ozone-based cleaning operations, applied on SILEX II wet bench, combine efficient organic and metal removal with an appropriate surface conditioning. Due to low chemical costs and consumption, simple process control and high metal removal efficiency, ozonized cleaning baths are the perfect substitute for traditional, expensive multi-step RCA cleanings, known from the solar and semiconductor industry.


The SILEX II CLEAN is provided to run dedicated cleaning sequences for pre- or post-deposition processes. Depending on cell process flow and requirement the configuration can be designed individually, involving RCA or Ozone based cleanings as well as slight etching steps.


Typical Features


•   High throughput performance up to 550 MW annual production

•   High uptime up to 95 %

•   Low breakage rate down to 0.01 %

•   Wafer thickness down to 120 µm (wafer size M6) (‹120 µm on request)

•   Individual, flexible process sequencing

•   Onboard scheduler software for throughput tuning

•   Onboard performance analyzer software

•   Ozone-enhanced cleaning and etching processes

•   Short and stable IPA-free texturing process 

•   Appropriate and effective rinsing and drying


Alkaline Texturing

The core of the current and future batch process applications is the alkaline texturing process of mono-crystalline silicon, generating pyramidal-etched surfaces with optimal light trapping, passivation and contacting properties.


State-of-the-Art Texturing Additive

•   Commercially available, worldwide supported 

•   Multiple pyramid size tuning options

•   Short and robust etching process with large process window and close uniformity range

•   Stable composition with long bath lifetime

•   Non-hazardous, non-flammable, non-dangerous

•   Readily biodegradable

Ozone Cleaning

Ozone is one of the most powerful oxidizing agents. Effective Ozone-gas injection, low chemical

concentrations and ambient process temperatures guarantee stable and highly effective process sequences for oxidation, cleaning and etching.   

•   Reduced CoO cost saving effect vs. RCA cleaning (high chemical cost)

•   Higher minority carrier lifetime (combined Si etch-back and advanced cleaning)

•   Smaller machine footprint (reduced number of process tanks)

•   Improved surface passivation

•   Environmentally friendly process using

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