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Global grant making focus

A common outlook across the globe

At the Macquarie Group Foundation, we want to achieve the most significant social impact possible, using not only our financial resources but also the skills and networks of Macquarie employees. 

Across the world, there are young people who need greater support to overcome the social barriers they face. Our global grant making focus aims to break down these barriers and provide social and economic opportunities to those who will benefit most. 

The majority of the Foundation’s grant funding is directed to organisations supporting social and economic opportunities for young people in the communities where we live and operate, with each region concentrating its efforts on issues with local relevance. 

Each of our four regions – the Americas, Asia, Australia and EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) – faces distinct challenges and priorities, which is why we have selected the following regional approaches to create the greatest social impact. 

Through both the giving of grants and by creating opportunities for staff engagement, including mentoring, training and employability programs, we are helping to support young people as they enter education and employment.


In the Americas, we support organisations promoting college access, success and career attainment for underrepresented youth. 

Here you can read about our annual Mentoring Week and our LEADS internship program, or find out more about our grant partner Philadelphia Futures.


In Asia we support organisations providing better migration outcomes for migrant workers as a means to combat modern slavery. 

Since late 2014, we have been directing efforts towards preventing and responding to modern slavery, including a focus on issues affecting migrant domestic workers. Find out more about in this regional research report, which identified key recommendations and insights about how we can create better migration outcomes.

Read more about our grant partners the Fair Employment FoundationVoice of the Free and Seefar, and hear more about our regional focus in the video below.


In Australia we support organisations providing economic engagement for young people through education, employment and training. 

Find out more about the Australian focus area by reading research we commissioned by the Centre for Social Impact and worked on with McKinsey & Company and AlphaBeta. We have also commissioned research through the Centre for Evidence and Implementation that reviewed the effectiveness of interventions in educational and employment outcomes for young people.

Read about current grant partners, SYC Limited and Aurora Education FoundationCareerTrackers or watch the video below about the Raise Foundation.

Europe, the Middle East and Africa

In Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) we are committed to supporting organisations that promote social mobility for young people, through education and employment opportunities. 

In 2019, Macquarie celebrated a decade of involvement in the Community Resourcing programme (commonly known as CoRe) in partnership with Slaughter and May and Islington Giving. 

As a founding funder and member of the BIG Alliance (Businesses for Islington Giving), we have sought to play an integral role in the borough, supporting Islington Giving and the BIG Alliance team to run their education programme, Mentoring Works.

Our FY19 grant partners1

In focus: supporting organisations promoting college access, success and career attainment for underrepresented youth.

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America Needs You
America Needs You supports economic mobility for ambitious, low-income college students by providing intensive career development, mentorship, networking and holistic support. Our grant is supporting ANY's national expansion in the US.
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Breakthrough NY
BTNY is a tuition-free, ten-year college success program committed to getting high-potential, low-income middle school students to and through four-year colleges. Our grant will support the placement of a new full-time Career Manager and provide additional coaching services for students.
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Double Discovery Center
The Double Discovery Center at Columbia College works with low-income and first-generation college-bound Manhattan area youth to ensure high school graduation, college enrolment and completion and responsible adulthood. Our grants fund college the Macquarie LEADS program for high school interns.
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Girls Inc New York City (GINYC)
Girls Inc NYC delivers vital educational programs that inspire girls to be strong, smart, and bold. Our grant supports Project Reach, which seeks to expand existing program offerings to gain a better understand the factors involved college attrition, and to address them with the ultimate goal of increasing graduation rates.
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Graduate NYC
Graduate NYC (GNYC) is dedicated to increasing college readiness and completion rates throughout New York City for low-income and first generation college students. Our grant contributes to the College Completion Innovation Fund which supports innovative projects that impact college access and completion for underrepresented youth.
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Opportunity Network
The Opportunity Network works to equal the playing field for highly motivated students from low-income and historically underrepresented backgrounds by facilitating access to colleges, career opportunities, and professional networks. Our grant supports a fellowship program that supports students from grade 10 through to college graduation and into a career.
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Philadelphia Futures
The mission of Philadelphia Futures (PF) is to provide Philadelphia's low-income, first-generation-to-college students with the tools, resources and opportunities necessary for admission to and success in college. Our grant helps PF run programs aimed at reducing the institutional, academic, social and financial barriers to college and career success.
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The Hay Center
The HAY Center is a public/private organization that empowers current and former foster youth in the Houston area to be successful, productive adults through training and mentorship in education, employment and personal achievement. Our grant is funding a pilot of a bridge housing program for youth who are leaving foster care, and need additional supports and experiences before moving into a more independent living arrangement.

Out of focus

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Older Adults Technology Service
OATS harnesses technology to change the way we age. Our grants supported the creation of Senior Planet U and Work!, an online learning platform for seniors to engage with technology to improve their health, civic participation and financial literacy. Its CEO, Tom Kamber, was also the recipient of our US David Clarke Social Innovation Fellowship in 2016.
The HOPE Program
HOPE works with New Yorkers to lift themselves out of poverty through training, jobs and career advancement. Our grant supported HOPE to build their internal capacity to assist more job seeks through their current proven program model.

In focus: supporting organisations that promote social mobility for young people through education and employment opportunities.

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BIG Alliance
The BIG Alliance enables employee volunteering and engagement in community, voluntary and not-for profit organisations, employability projects and schools, colleges and universities across Islington.
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Dallaglio RugbyWorks
Dallaglio RugbyWorks is a long-term skills development programme based on rugby, which aims to help teenagers outside of mainstream education into sustained education, employment or training. Our grant supports the RugbyWorks programme in London-based schools.
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Islington Giving
Islington Giving is an independent group of funders, businesses, residents and voluntary organisations working together to tackle poverty and inequality in Islington. Macquarie is the founding funder of the BIG Alliance (Businesses for Islington Giving).
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Leadership Through Sport and Business
LTSB provides school leavers from disadvantaged backgrounds access to careers in accounting, business and finance. Our grant forms LTSB's principal corporate funding.
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ReachOut helps change the lives of young people from disadvantaged communities in London and Manchester through one-to-one mentoring. Our grant supports ReachOut's academy and mentoring programme.
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Prince’s Trust International
Prince’s Trust International’s stated mission is to help unemployed young people around the globe into education, training and employment. Our funding is to support of the implementation of a new technological infrastructure platform for measuring impact.

Out of focus

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Streetwise Opera
Streetwise Opera uses the creative arts to help people with experience of homelessness make positive changes. Streetwise set up the Global International Arts and Homelessness Movement - With One Voice, for which we are its principal partner.

In focus: supporting organisations providing better migration outcomes for migrant workers as a means to combat modern slavery.

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A Better Chance Foundation
ABC provides financial assistance to economically challenged but motivated children to receive schooling. Our grant covers ongoing college education for 45 students.
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Agrasar implements high-impact skill programs that help disadvantaged, migrant youth lead more meaningful and dignified lives. Our grant supports one centre in Kapersera, Gurgaon, as well as a community radio program that connects to youth in hamlets within 10 kms around Gurgaon City.
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Amana creates, implements, and monitors bespoke CSR projects. Through our funding, the organisation has implemented the Macquarie Road Safety program in partnership with the truck driver community in India.
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Bosconet works to improve lives of marginalised and migrant youth. Our grant is helping build a unique platform which integrates various support services available to migrants.
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Enrich Personal Development Ltd (Enrich HK)
Enrich provides financial and empowerment education for migrant domestic workers. Our grant is funding the provision of online, user-friendly and engaging educational resources on financial literacy and economic issues.
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Fair Employment Foundation
FEF seeks to positively change the system of recruitment and hiring of migrant labour throughout Asia. Our grant is funding awareness raising around ethical hiring of domestic workers.
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Hagar International
Hagar works with women and children who have suffered severe human rights abuses. Our grant is supporting the transition and reintegration of its clients back into family and community life.
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Justice Centre Hong Kong
Justice Centre works to protect the rights of Hong Kong's most vulnerable migrants through advocacy and direct legal and social assistance. Our grant is helping Justice Centre focus its efforts on human trafficking and forced labour.
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Kherwadi Social Welfare Association
KSWA focuses on vocational training for people who have not finished high school. Our grant supports livelihood programs in rural India.
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Lend A Hand India
LAHI's program complements existing secondary school curricula with employment-related skills. Our grant is supporting a three-year pilot to enhance its program for students across 20 schools in Mumbai and Pune.
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Magic Bus India Foundation
MB builds life-skills in adolescents both in and outside of the education system to assist with educational attainment and employment. Our grant supports one community centre and 20 schools in Bhiwandi, a semi-rural area near Mumbai.
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Mitra Technology Foundation
MTF facilitates individuals and corporate employees to volunteer in different ways with NGOs across India. Our grant is supporting its iVolunteer initiative to identify emerging and best-practice models of volunteering.
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New Resolution India
NRI runs livelihood programs in community centres (called Bright Future) with youth in Mumbai slums. Our grant supports two Bright Future centres in Mumbai.
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Oasis India
Oasis India work to improve the lives of victims of human trafficking as well as children and youth in disadvantaged circumstances. Our grant is supporting skills training of trafficked women in four locations across India.
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Sahaara Charitable Trust
Sahaara works in India towards improving lives India's most vulnerable and marginalised people. Our grant supports the physical and emotional health of trafficked women and promotes skills training.
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Seefar works to facilitate more opportunities for vulnerable people to advance themselves. Our grant is funding an information campaign for prospective first time migrant domestic workers in rural Indonesia, and a research study on the current prevalence of modern slavery and exploitation in Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong and Singapore, the findings of which are designed to improve responses and promote strategies for change.
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Trust Children
Trust Children reaches out to underprivileged children, women and young adults in India and our grant is support them through nutrition and vocational training.
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Voluntary Organization in Community Enterprises (VOICE) - by Sanjeevani
VOICE works with neglected, vulnerable and deprived children of Mumbai. Our grant helps with nutrition, skills training and income generation.
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Voice of the Free
Voice of the Free (formally Visayan Forum) works to address human trafficking, particularly the exploitation of domestic workers. Our grant supports community education and business programs to help mitigate the risk of this form of modern slavery.

Out of focus

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Haribon Foundation
Haribon advocates for biodiversity conservation by training people to achieve this in their community, and conducting research. Our grant is funding an eco-volunteer facility on the outskirts of Manila.
Mother's Choice
Mother’s Choice serves children without families and pregnant teenagers in Hong Kong. Out grant is funding the creation of a holistic L&D Framework, incorporating both core and job competencies, skills and attributes required for both staff and volunteers, so they can provide best in class care.
Olympic Gold Quest (OGQ)
OGQ supports the training and preparation of India's top athletes. Our grant supports 24 athletes in their journey to win an Olympic medal.
Safe Water Network India
SWN works alongside communities in Ghana and India, providing people with daily access to safe water. Our grant is supporting SWNI's set-up of three solar water treatment facilities in India.

In focus: supporting organisations providing economic engagement for young people through education, employment and training.

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Aurora Project
Aurora supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples' academic aspirations. Our grant is supporting Aurora's high school outreach program which aims to inspire young people to achieve their educational goals by hearing from Indigenous role models.
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BackTrack (through Social Ventures Australia)
BackTrack supports high-risk young people in country New South Wales through work and personal skills development. Our grant supports BackTrack, in partnership with Social Ventures Australia, to increase its efficiency and provide community mentoring to other regional organisations working with similar young people.
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CareerSeekers connects newly settled humanitarian entrants (refugees) with corporate Australia to increase workforce participation. Our grant enables CareerSeekers to recruit, support and place 50 students into workplace internships.
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Clontarf Foundation
Clontarf Foundation aims to improve the education, discipline, self-esteem, life skills and employment prospects of young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men. Our grant supports the Clontarf program at Chifley College’s Bidwell Campus in western Sydney.
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Generation: You Employed, Inc
Generation is a global organisation which recruits, trains and places young people into career-launching jobs. Our grant is contributing funding towards the two year pilot launch of Generation in Australia.
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Hayden Reynolds Tiwi Garden Project
Tiwi College offers quality secondary education to all Tiwi young people. Our grant funded work experience and employment opportunities and healthy eating for College students.
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Melbourne Indigenous Transition School (MITS)
MITS provides educational choice to Indigenous students from remote and regional communities across Australia. Our grant supports the employment of a program manager who works with MITS students in a range of ways to enable their success.
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National Indigenous Culinary Institute
NICI offers training and experience for aspiring Indigenous chefs under the culinary guardianship of some of Australia’s top restauranteurs. Our grant supported an Indigenous trainee chef gain experience and qualifications.
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OzFish supports the Junior Indigenous Marine and Environmental Cadet program (JIME). Our grant is directed towards senior secondary college Indigenous students, helping them to undertake traineeships and providing a pathway to marine employment.
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PCYC NSW works with young people to help them reach their potential through police and community partnerships. Our grant funds Fit For Work programs in two western Sydney locations, which aims to help young people transition from vocational training into work experience and then full-time employment or apprenticeships.
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Raise Foundation
Raise Foundation’s mission is to improve the wellbeing of young people in Australia at risk of disengaging, by delivering best-practice mentoring programs. Our grant supports the development of the Raise online training platform which is designed to improve the accessibility, efficiency and efficacy of Raise’s training and help it scale.
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SYC connects community services to people in need. Our funding is supporting the expansion of the Get Into Program, which prepares disengaged young people for the labour market and helps them retain employment.
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yourtown works with at-risk young people to improve their quality of life. Our grant is supporting an independent evaluation of its 'your job your way' pilot program, which aims to transition long-term unemployed young people to sustainable employment.

Out of focus

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Ardoch Foundation
Ardoch provides education support for children and young people in disadvantaged communities. Our grant supported staff to take part in Ardoch's Literacy Buddies volunteering program where they exchange letters with young people.
Australian Wildlife Conservancy
AWC conserves native animal species and the habitats in which they live through land sanctuaries and land management. Our grant is helping increase the ecological return on investment in national park management.
Batyr focuses on preventative education in the area of youth mental health. Our grant supports Batyr's mental health awareness programme at the University of South Australia.
Can Too Foundation
Can Too Foundation supports the research, prevention, care and control of cancer. Our grant provided capacity building support for Can Too Foundation in its establishment phase as a new, independent entity.
Cancer Australia
Cancer Australia is a national government agency working to reduce the impact of cancer on all Australians. Our grant supported a new website containing updated, evidence-based information on breast cancer risk factors for women and their health professionals.
Centre for Social Impact (UNSW)
CSI works to improve the delivery of social impact programs in Australia through research, teaching, measurement and public debate. Our grant is supporting an update of 'The Compass', CSI’s guide to navigating social outcomes and impact measurement; as well as a research project looking at the role of youth mentoring in wellbeing, economic engagement and supportive communities for young people.
Cerebral Palsy Alliance
Cerebral Palsy Alliance provides services to people with a physical or neurological disability. CPA won Macquarie's Social Innovation Award in 2017; our funding is supporting its ‘Remarkable Accelerator Program’, which provides seed funding and support to early stage start-ups using technology to facilitate improvements for people with a disability.
Financial Markets Foundation for Children
FMFC works to improve the health, welfare and well-being of Australian children. Our grant is used to fund research programs and other projects to support this work.
Good to Great Schools
Good to Great Schools supports schools in rural and remote communities across Western Australia, the Northern Territory and Queensland to improve educational outcomes. Our grant is providing capacity building funding to help scale Good to Great Schools' work.
Hello Sunday Morning
Hello Sunday Morning encourages a healthier drinking culture in Australia. Our funding is helping HSM achieve long-term sustainability by adopting a scalable, integrated and preventative alcohol treatment model that integrates with the private health insurance sector.
Jawun forms partnerships to benefit corporate, government and Indigenous Australia. Our grant provides capacity building support for Jawun's activities in the East Kimberly region of Australia.
JDRF Australia
JDRF Australia's funds research to find a cure for type 1 diabetes and its complications. Our grant supports the JDRF Macquarie Group Foundation Future Research Leaders Program which is developing type 1 diabetes research leaders for the next generation.
KidsXpress helps children impacted by trauma through the use of expressive therapy. Our grant is supporting KidsXpress to translate what was once only a targeted (to children) therapy program into a comprehensive whole-school support program.
Multiple Sclerosis Research Australia
Multiple Sclerosis Research Australia funds and coordinates MS research in Australia. Our grant supports a Senior Researcher and Practitioner Fellowship who will collaborate on research and the translation of this research into direct clinical practice.
SEFA Partnerships
SEFA Partnerships works with social purpose organisations to improve their capacity and work amongst disadvantaged communities and people in Australia.  Our grant supports Kick Starter, a business planning mentoring and small grants program for early stage social ventures, as well as a robust evaluation of the program.
Social Ventures Australia
SVA works to improve the lives of people in need by offering funding, investment, and advice to support organisations to increase their social impact. Our grant is supporting SVA to strengthen the social impact bond market in Australia and build capacity amongst the sector.
Stay Kind
Stay Kind (previously the Thomas Kelly Youth Foundation) works to foster a responsible drinking culture, reducing alcohol and drug-related violence and anti-social behaviour. Our grant helped expand its Safe Space and TAKE Care Ambassadors program, assisting vulnerable youth to get home safely.
The Big Issue
The Big Issue magazine is a fortnightly magazine sold on the streets by homeless, marginalised and disadvantaged people. Our grant supports The Big Issue to host a Big Shift event in support of the Women’s Subscription Enterprise, creating work opportunities for vulnerable women who do not feel safe selling the magazine on the streets.
The Funding Network Australia
TFN facilitates giving through live crowdfunding events. Our capacity building grant is employing a pitch coaching manager who will increase the number of non-profits accessing TFN’s services.
The Prince's Trust Australia
The Prince's Trust Australia delivers social impact in a range of ways. Our grant supports its Enterprise For Veterans program, helping veterans and their families transition into small business self-employment.
Women’s Community Shelters
In partnership with local communities, Women's Community Shelters provides shelters for women and children in need of accommodation and other social services. Our funding supports the employment of a Shelter Network Manager who ensures the smooth operation and best-practice service delivery of each shelter.

Our grants criteria:

  • ability to demonstrate current or potential opportunities for Macquarie staff involvement
  • ability to demonstrate the organisation is promoting economic and social opportunity
  • working in collaboration with other organisations in the sector to deliver the proposed program or project

The Foundation doesn’t accept unsolicited grant proposals.

  1. Grant funds either paid in full or utilised during the 12 months to 31 March 2019.