Healthcare reimagined


24 June 2021

Over recent years, we have seen technology change the way healthcare is traditionally delivered. Today, technology is providing the opportunity for healthcare to be provided from the comfort of a patient’s home, while the use of data, through AI and wearable technology, is helping to personalise the way healthcare is delivered. Hosted by Adele Creighton, National Head of Healthcare, Macquarie Business Banking, our panellists discuss how technology is revolutionising the healthcare industry.


Dr Silvia Pfeiffer, CEO and Co-Founder, Coviu

Mike Harman, CEO and Co-Founder, Visionflex

Dr Sean Parsons, Founder and CEO, Ellume

Bill Maiden, CEO, My Emergency Doctor

Adele Creighton, National Head of Healthcare, Macquarie Bank

2022 Macquarie Technology Summit

Embracing the transformative potential of technology, for a better future

The Macquarie Technology Summit once again brought together global leaders driving technological change across multiple aspects of business and community.