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OwnersAdvisory by Macquarie to provide custom investment advice online

Sydney, 18 February 2016

OwnersAdvisory by Macquarie, a new model for the wealth management industry, was today launched to provide custom online portfolio advice to investors.

OwnersAdvisory by Macquarie was developed for the more than 80 per cent of adult Australians who do not currently receive advice to guide their finances and investments1, and the growing number of do-it-yourself investors who want to manage their own investments online and are seeking high quality, flat fee for service advice to help inform their decisions.

OwnersAdvisory by Macquarie reviews more than 30,000 investment products around the world to provide recommendations that align with individual investing styles, objectives and risk tolerance.

Members receive general advice, regular market insights and a portfolio health score for a monthly fee of $A45. These customers may also request custom advice to confirm or rebalance a portfolio on demand for $A55 per statement.

OwnersAdvisory by Macquarie members are able to execute trades and implement their advice with any provider and won’t need to open or move their funds to a new account to participate. Members can also update their investor profile as often as they like when their financial situation or requirements change.

Macquarie Wealth Management Chief Investment Officer, John O’Connell, said OwnersAdvisory by Macquarie would make quality advice, market updates and insights available to do-it-yourself and self managed super fund investors.

“We want to encourage unadvised Australians to become more engaged in managing their finances and investments,” he said.

“Technology is offering investors new opportunities to manage their investment strategies online, and they want quality advice and market insights to guide their choices.

“This is an exciting opportunity for consumers. OwnersAdvisory combines technology with Macquarie’s vast market intelligence, insights and advisory expertise to inform and engage investors currently operating without traditional advice.”

OwnersAdvisory by Macquarie offers custom advice across all standard asset classes; cash, fixed income, equities, commodities and alternatives, based on an investor’s personal profile, objectives and risk appetite.

OwnersAdvisory by Macquarie is available to join at


  1. Based on data from the Investment Trends 2014 Advice & Limited Advice Report and Australian Bureau of Statistics 2014 demographic data of adult Australians

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